Life is Like a Baseball Game!

Life is Like a Baseball Game!

Life is like a baseball game! Just when you think your day could not get worse, a home run is scored. Or, how about when you feel your efforts go unnoticed, and then, you catch that impossible fly ball! I have watched enough baseball games living with my owners to make a few life analogies. Susie Larson’s quote “Your unbelief is the only roadblock you have to deal with.” applies nicely to the mindset necessary for everyone. Those baseball players can not dwell on their strike outs or missed catches. I sure try not to dwell on my missed opportunities around here!

Here we go with a safe subject in Minnesota – the weather. You know I don’t usually care about the weather, except when baseball is involved. Speaking of baseball games, I hope that the Minnesota Twin’s baseball game scheduled for noon today is not cancelled because of thunderstorms?! Gee, all I can do is sit and wait until this heavy rain passes before the first pitch.

Perhaps by now, you are going back to my statement about missed opportunities around here, or maybe not? Either way, I will address that anyway by saying, I don’t really miss any opportunities around here. Yup, I am rather spoiled around here, probably because I cave in when I am asked to update my blog. Seriously, who guilts their dog into writing a blog anyway?! Ah, you guessed it, my owners as if I already don’t do enough by simply being my gorgeous self. OK, let’s hope I don’t have to miss the Minnesota Twin’s baseball game today because of the weather. Go Twins! P.S. I wouldn’t mind being able to attend a Minnesota Twin’s game at this beautiful Target Field, but for now, the couch seating is awesome at home.

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  1. Louie-
    Ike agrees that one’s mindset is the key to happiness. When you start to notice all the positive in the world rather than the negative, there’s a shift in how you feel and the energy you put out into the world. That must be why his tail is always wagging 🙂 The unexpected joys in one’s day (like catching a fly ball or running into an old friend) are such a gift if seen as such. There’s a profound shift when one stops focusing on the negative (all the balls I missed/# of games we’ve lost) and instead focuses on the positive (I just made a catch most people wouldn’t/my team hasn’t had a season this good in years!). Maybe one day the Twins will have dog day at Target field so you can enjoy a game in-person (Ike hopes to one day go too!). Here’s looking forward to the Twins continuing their winning season!!!

    1. Hello Dana and Ike! Yes, a dog day at Target Field would be great! But, not all dogs are as polite as Ike and myself!! For this reason, they have to “play it safe!” and keep us in our homes for all of the games so we can continue to watch on TV. Enjoy the summer!

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