Only As Old As I Think! 05/26/19

Only As Old As I Think! 05/26/19

It occurred to me this week that if I keep thinking of myself as young, I will take years off of my own dog age! So you ask, and how did I come to this realization? I am so glad you asked because you know me, I was going to tell you anyway. 😉 Often, I stand on the deck and watch Harmony fly across the yard to fetch a ball. One day, I decided why not join in the fun and bring out the “real” me?! Not only was I able to catch the ball, I could still jump pretty high. (OK, so my body is a bit sore today, but that is not really the point here, so SHHHHHH!)

Please let me remind you that at one time, I was Harmony’s trainer on the games and rules around this house. Did I say rules? Well, no worries because I still don’t think Nancy has figured out that us dogs have our own set of rules. Those rules were established long before she concluded that we need some boundaries. Now you are curious what our rules are, right? They are quite simple: to live one day at a time, never compare who has better abilities and NEVER ever let Nancy know that she is getting old too! That last one, well, let’s just say, one day at a time!

May 23, 2019

3 thoughts on “Only As Old As I Think! 05/26/19

  1. Oh Louie – you maybe shouldn’t have said not to let Nancy know that she is getting old too. Nancy is “getting older” (like everything alive) but is NOT old! Take it from one who knows and don’t argue with your elders, OK? Nancy is very vibrant and very much a young, alive woman. Old is a mind thing. One of the rules should be “never preface anything with ‘at this age I can’t . . .’ or ‘I am too old to . . .’ got that Louie? I don’t mean to be harsh but some things just have to be mentioned. Hey – by the way – great jumping and you look just fabulous (notice I did NOT say “for your age” – another rule to remember.) This is all from someone who really IS old but is in denial so you have to listen to me, right? Have a wonderful Memorial Day and have fun! Fun is the key to it all I think.

    1. Hello Mary! Gee, you sure are a wise woman and I won’t say, “for your age” ….hee! see! I like your sense of humor a lot! Thanks for reading my blogs and enjoy the Memorial Day weekend also.

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