Off and Running! May 4, 2019

Off and Running! May 4, 2019

Rumor has it that the weather will become sunny this weekend?! Do you ever notice how you humans tend to let the weather dictate your mood? Shouldn’t you be able to take all those warm and “sunny” moments with you allowing them to radiate through you, always? It has me wondering more about my purpose at this home. If you haven’t noticed, my smile is rather contagious and readily available to share with anyone, sunshine or no sunshine.

You may have heard that Nancy is getting back into running. Way back, I was her running partner, but my joints just can’t take much more than my walks now. Instead, I am Nancy’s running coach before and after her runs. Yup, I remind her to stretch and help her manage her “playlists” for her runs. I am also the one that pushed her to start running again after a frustrating day of teaching last week. You know, there is just so much a dog can listen to until we have to just tell our owners to GO RUN it off! And, that is what she has done and now, she is as addicted to running as she is to practicing her saxophone and bassoon. I guess the saying is that she is Off and Running!

My hope for all of you reading this is that you find an effective way to deal with life’s up and downs if you have not yet done so already. While I never finished the work to be a Therapy Dog, Nancy says I have earned it by on the job training with her. Golly gee, I love being so appreciated in my senior years. Now, go out and show the older people in your life the appreciation they deserve for their wisdom and patience with you.

My owner wishing she lived near the ocean to run on the beach each day.

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