Happy Easter, 2019

Happy Easter, 2019

“Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin’ down the bunny trail, hippity hoppin’ Easter’s on its way” is being sung wherever I go lately. (OK, so what if it is ONLY my owner I am hearing sing this cute little tune!) So, of course, I had to look up the lyrics for this silly song. I learned it was written by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins. The 1950 recording that you may recall is with Gene Autry singing this Easter classic. It catches my attention with the light whistling in the music. Why, oh why can’t us dogs whistle anyway? We try, but it only produces a bark? Maybe I should have Nancy buy me a whistle to wear around my neck to whistle with the birds? Gosh, now I am getting off on another tangent, huh!

Back to the Peter Cottontail song. It goes on to say the Easter bunny will “bring Easter joy, leave chocolates, jelly beans, colored eggs and even an orchid for Mommy” etc. But, no where does it say what it will leave for Daddy or the pets of the house? Hmmmmm….not sure if I like the Easter bunny now and to think, I have never chased any bunnies in our backyard away. Oh wait, we (that would be us dogs) will be bringing the Easter JOY. VOILA!

Jesus has Risen! Hope is Alive!

I am so glad the weather will be nicer for this Easter weekend! I am including Nancy’s photo of “HOPE” depicting when we all discovered that the iris bulbs are starting to appear. Spring really is arriving.   😉  That means, long walks and long talks with our owner. I will try my best to humor her and act like I am listening!  The tulips she bought only lasted two days, but they are still a reminder of Spring as well.    Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

Happy Easter!

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter, 2019

  1. Happy Easter to all of you – furry and otherwise! Hope does spring eternal and I have lillies, irises, and peonies coming up to prove it! Now THERE is hope! Dylan and Kirby will have lots of attention from Easter company and we’ll all have fun with Easter baskets and candy and other food. Getting together is always fun and I know you dogs love it – more pets, laps to sit in and maybe even treats! Happy Easter!

  2. Wishing you and your owners much Easter joy Louie! Enjoy the beautiful spring weekend – hope its filled with lots of treats and time with those you love.

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