April Fool’s Day Week: April 5, 2019

April Fool’s Day Week: April 5, 2019

It all happened on April Fool’s Day this year. Nancy sent out an e-mail to all of her family that was so believable that most of them fell for the joke. I have strict instructions to not divulge the situation. I can say however, that it had to do with her moving to a much warmer climate. Obviously, that would have included us canine. I never read the e-mail so I am just saying, why would you humans work to fool people one day a year? It seems like a bit of a warped sense of humor to me?

It caused me to think about humor at this house?! Gee, it is so obvious now. We, yup, us dogs are the main source of the humor at this house. Without us, I am not certain our owners would ever laugh? Just writing this makes me laugh because our owners are quite funny. For instance, have any of you ever heard Nancy talk to herself? We have to listen to her all the time while we are walking, though she says she is talking to us. Most of the time, all we hear is blah, blah blah and then, some more blah, blah blah.

I am not fooling you; we love our Nancy. Couldn’t she just walk in silence and let us take in all the sounds of nature, birds and the occasional bark along our walks? If you know her, you already know she is just too garrulous – what is a dog to do? If you want to share an April Fool’s joke you pulled off, please share in the comments. Don’t worry, your e-mail will not show up on the blog, just your desired name – no fooling!

2 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day Week: April 5, 2019

  1. Love your blog, Louie, do you like to fetch?… I once knew a dog so good at fetching he was promoted to branch manager. hehe jk

  2. Is the April Fool’s joke that it is NOT a joke? Is she really thinking of a warmer spot? Almost all people around these parts go through this at this time of year. “This is the last winter I’m spending . . . blah, blah” but I always say – “try Florida in August” but that doesn’t help. The fur boys here have to listen to ME talking to them (yeah – myself) all the time too. They pretend to listen – they are humoring me, but it’s OK. I choose to believe they are actually interested in my babbling! The small curly boy and I are going to the Nat’l specialty for poodles next week so we are excited. Now if the curly one will cooperate in the obedience ring all will be well.
    Happy spring to Louie and the gang – could you hear the birds all “talking” over Nancy’s talking? I bet you could. My boys could hear over mine! Think summer and flowers.

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