Just Get Moving! March 25, 2019

Just Get Moving! March 25, 2019

“Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” (from Wizard of Oz) Wait, I think the saying should go more like Puddles and sunshine, and mud, oh my! If you thought we needed muttluks for the winter snow, guess again!? Yup, I think we should wear the muttluks in the backyard now for the mud – like, I am talking about mucky mud, like you probably can’t even imagine! I even heard Nancy discussing the possibility of inventing some product for our backyard instead of grass?! Then, she said, “well, let’s just place old sheets in the bad muddy spots” to which I thought, I don’t think so. As of now, we just have to get our paws cleaned every time that we come in from the backyard. The bonus however is that we are going on long walks again (FINALLY!) because the ice is tolerable.

There is nothing better than the word “outside” that will elicit an enthusiastic response from us canines. Like so many humans, being outdoors helps with both mental and physical stimulation. It really is not my fault that I have gained some weight this winter since we do rely on our owners to take us on those healthy walking adventures! Yup, you guessed it, they gained weight over this dreadful Minnesota winter as well. While it takes a lot for me to become bored, it is quite the opposite for our little sister, Harmony. So yes, I am helping Nancy to be more creative with her healthy training for this high energy dog. One wise animal behaviorist warns, “If we don’t keep their minds occupied or give them opportunities to release their physical energy, dogs will release that energy in other ways” quote from Dr. Suzanne Hetts. But, I know, this is so very true for you humans as well! Just get moving! I am sharing a photo of Nancy out walking with Serenade years ago…yup, I was coaching her to just get moving.

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  1. Oh Louie, you are SO right – there is so much mucky, mud out there right now, but how awesome that you are getting to enjoy it! I always compare it to the mud we’d have on the farm in the spring, and honestly, there’s no comparison. Have Nancy ask Lucas about falling in his grandparents’ barnyard mud one spring when he was little and his cousin having to pull him out! Speaking of mud, Ike just went for his spring cleaning (grooming) and the groomer said it took 3 baths to get him clean! And that was after I had given him a bath just a few days before. Ike & I are enjoying the lovely weather as well – we had multiple days last week where we logged 8 miles, much to Ike’s delight (and insistence). Hope everyone at your house is enjoying these lovely spring days Louie!

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