So Now What? March 9, 2019

So Now What? March 9, 2019

I am really confused today after all the hullabaloo about the upcoming weekend snowstorm. Yup, Lighthearted Louie is going to do some major venting. Yesterday, I was rushed to the Vet Clinic to be bathed in anticipation of the weekend snowstorm. Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, Nancy promised she would finish all of our grooming when the storm arrives today. Now, would any of you like it if you went to your hair stylist and the stylist said after she/he shampooed your hair, “oh sorry, I will complete your haircut when I have time!” – I don’t think so?! I sure hope we all get our haircuts finished whether there is a snowstorm or not now.

This is not my usual upbeat blog today (as if you had not noticed!) Nancy also went to buy groceries that to me looked like a month’s supply of food. Oh, and on top of all of that, I was informed that none of the groceries were for us. Gee, I am starting to think I don’t get enough kick back for writing this silly blog? OK, so I don’t generate any money off this blog, I still think I should get something for doing it, don’t you? Whoops, I was just informed that I did get some FreshPet chicken treats in that last grocery run. She even showed the treats to me so I would finish this blog. BTW – I am still trying to figure out the new WordPress format, so excuse me if the blog looks a bit strange to you too?!

This is the before grooming photo. Meet my dear friend, Riley!
 (I wouldn’t mind if she got snowed in with us!)
Stay tuned in for the after grooming photo if Nancy ever finishes us!

7 thoughts on “So Now What? March 9, 2019

  1. Louie – much like you, Ike is motivated by food, specifically treats! Even when we go on walks, he’ll refuse to continue to walk if he thinks he is owed a treat (he gets a diet treat about every 1/4 mile). Given the number of treats he would require to write a blog, I don’t think that will be happening for Ike! By the way, you look fabulous, even before the haircut – can’t wait to see the “after” pictures. Enjoy the weekend & snow!

    1. Thanks so much for reading my blogs Dana! Nancy is about 80% done grooming all of us. She just has to shave a few faces yet and scissor Harmony a bit more and then, perhaps some “after” photos. Just about the time she finishes grooming all of us, it is time to start the grooming process all over AGAIN. 😉

  2. Hang in there Louie. We love your blog. Also Petco has a buy two get one free deal on all pet treats today – so we got three bags! Pup euphoria over here!

    PS We gave up bathing for lent. 🤣😂

  3. Louie – all three of you beauties look just wonderful – groomed or not. Today Dylan and Kirby are helping one of their humans celebrate his birthday so all of us are staying inside awaiting the storm, but also planning a nice fancy dinner at home for the “birthday boy” tonight. The fur boys don’t seem to mind the winter weather and they also have sort of a maize-but it’s not as fancy as yours probably is. The little dog has an area shoveled out for HIS use, but the big yellow dog goes through the snow like a snowplow and comes in with big snowballs hanging all over his body. So – there is another opportunity for snow dog pictures. Let us see your pictures when your grooming is done – hopefully by next May, right? That’s about my speed in grooming and YOUR human does it much better than I do. You are lucky.

    1. Happy Birthday to the man’s birthday at your house Mary! I am certain that you are a great cook, so he is the lucky one tonight! Enjoy the birthday party that you are creating with all at your home tonight. Thanks for reading my blogs. Louie

    1. Well, dear Alicia, I know if it were not for you, my blog would never have continued. So, it means a lot to me that you took the time to comment on my blog. We hope to have you at our house for breakfast soon. 😉

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