March 4, 2019: Beyond the Cold & Snow

March 4, 2019: Beyond the Cold & Snow

As you know, us dogs don’t really judge our days by the weather; but, we certainly are affected by our owner’s reactions to the weather. So actually, we are then affected by the weather through our humans. Oh no, there I go again, sounding like Nancy, going in circles trying to explain something that doesn’t really matter anyhow. Gee, I am becoming like my human owners at times. “This too shall pass!”

Please let me explain how the weather affects our daily life around here. Nancy is the one who decides whether to take us out on walks or play with us outside. She is the one that chooses to go with the weather or to try and fight such a mighty force that they can not do anything about, so why try. Here it is already March and I think Nancy has used the snowblower in the backyard at least six times. Our snow maze is looking rather impressive and I notice each time Nancy exits the backyard, she looks over her creation and smiles. Yup, that is always a good sign for us – those smiles when she knows nothing can change circumstances, so just flow with it. Sing through it!

Anyhow, now that it is March, the grooming has begun in anticipation of warmer weather ahead. That simply means that we will be in the process of being groomed for the next few weeks. I should have taken before and after photos, but all that matters are our smiles, right?! P.S. Please be patient with me while I am figuring out WordPress new formats.

2 thoughts on “March 4, 2019: Beyond the Cold & Snow

  1. Louie-
    Good luck with the grooming sessions – I’d love to see before and after pics, although I know you’d look fabulous in both :). Ike’s main frustration with the weather (he’s not as adaptable as you, Louie) is that he has to be bundled up for our morning 3-mile walks with his boots, sweater & jacket. He thinks that his identity somehow changes when he is “dressed” and goes and hides in his kennel every time I start to get ready to go. I think we’re both looking forward to being able to “just walk out the door” for a walk! Happy March!

    1. Hello Dana and Ike! Actually, Ike is fortunate to have you take him on those 3-mile walks in this strange winter! I am glad that Nancy reads my blog and will see that you go out every day, no matter what the weather does because she is much lazier than you about getting us out for walks this winter. Thanks Dana for nudging her! Enjoy the snowstorm this coming weekend (AGAIN!)!!!

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