Happy Valentine’s Week 2019

Happy Valentine’s Week 2019

Hello and Happy Valentine’s week to everyone!  Now, I suppose you already know what I am going to say about this human “love” week, but I will say it anyway.   I believe humans can learn a lot about LOVE if they simply would follow their dog’s examples of love.    Love is listening!   Yup, we really do listen to you humans and we don’t even charge for that service…..just listen!   OK, so there are times when we dose off listening to our owners, especially when Nancy goes on a tangent about her music students not practicing enough, but we do listen.   Then, we demonstrate unconditional love with our daily kisses and allow you to cuddle to us even when you are invading our space (ah yes, we have our own boundaries too!).  Last, but certainly not the least of importance, we CHOOSE to love our owners and friends.  The love for others is  not based on any gifts we receive (though of course treats and new balls are always welcome!) but, a choice to love.

You know, we would not designate one week to show our love to our dear people in our lives, because we feel that LOVE should be shown every single day.  So, why not start a new tradition in your human lives and show your love to all your human and PET friends all year long?! It is not that hard you know! If you think about the  little things that matter then you can make  LOVE float through the air all year.

Obviously, we can not eat these Valentine’s sugar cookies that our owner makes, so maybe it would not hurt to nudge her to buy us some awesome treats for your human Valentine’s Day.  Besides, I know she would feel better giving us Valentine treats because you humans just do that kind of thing.    Please send her some suggestions of your favorite treats for your dogs, OK!

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