January 26, 2019: Brrrrrrrrr………..

January 26, 2019: Brrrrrrrrr………..

I wonder how all of you prepare for a week of extremely cold weather? Of course, I know what we do around here when it is too cold to be outside even for us dogs; but, what do you all do?    Today, Nancy went out and actually  bought food to cook real meals for the upcoming cold spell.    Yup, she is going to try to become a better cook in 2019.   While she is at it, I sure wish that she would find dog treat recipes.  I suppose I can be patient and see if she will find some motivation for us too.  Hint, send your dog treat recipes to me and I will share them with her!

My blog writing was interrupted by  grooming brushes and combs.  Now I am feeling like I may have preferred to have my thick coat shaved off and wear some winter gear instead of all the tedious brushing.    But, did I have a choice in the matter, NO!?   Of course, now that I am about one fourth brushed out, I do feel much better.   I suppose I would not be a good candidate for those human dreadlocks.   I better not even give Nancy that idea or I may never get brushed again, HA!

Now, in retrospect I know that Nancy was preparing us for some adorable little visitors again this weekend. Not that we have to have a reason to be brushed out or groomed, but I am just saying!  Hmmm….but now, there may be a snowstorm so we may not see our  friends.

That must be why you humans take  photos?   I would never forget Riley and Mae!   They have so much energy and love.  Just look at their cute smiles in the photos I included in this post.  I sure hope I see them soon?!   I will try to write soon to report to you also about the frigid cold weather happening right now in Minnesota.   (Check out our cold weather attire!)  Stay warm!


2 thoughts on “January 26, 2019: Brrrrrrrrr………..

  1. Sorry Louie – I’d love to send along some yummy dog treat recipes but alas, I don’t have any that I have actually tried. The boys Dylan and Kirby LOVE any kind of treats so I’m sure they’d eat them even if they were not that great. Cooking is something that goes on a lot here at our house and the boys love to be underfoot in the kitchen just in case something “accidentally” drops on the floor. Happens often as SOME people are not very neat cooks! You both look great in your winter attire and the two little girls are adorable! It’s hard to keep dogs from getting really bored in this weather but once outside they want to come back in as soon as they can. There seems to be a lot of running around in the house but that energy has to go somewhere! A couple of weeks ago Kirby did some upland hunting training and was GREAT at it, but lately it’s just TOO darn cold for that – no matter how much fun it is. Keep warm and keep looking good!

    1. Thanks, Mary! Gee, I thought I could attach a photo of some yummy creation Nancy made – but, I guess I can’t do that in this reply. It was a chicken provolone sandwich topped with crispy jalapeños.

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