Withdrawal Time: January 17, 2019

Withdrawal Time: January 17, 2019

Sometimes we have to step back and take a break from our life routines.   It does not mean anything except that even us dogs need some vacation time from our daily duties.  Because of the icy roads near us, we have not been taking our longer daily walks and I think that may be why I am feeling lethargic and blah.     For this reason, I have been often hiding in  the one kennel in our home.   I know it is usually meant for Harmony, but she lets me use it at night or when I need my space.   Nancy is worried about my withdrawals.   But of all people, she should understand because her music takes her to places I don’t understand.  Well, now I do.

After all, in order to remain Lighthearted Louie, I need to recharge my energy.   Physically, I am not as   as limber and fast as I was ten years ago. For some reason, I am just fine and in a peaceful state these days.  I have tried to teach Harmony all the rules (if there are many that is) of this household.  I don’t feel the need to be in charge like I once did because I am in charge of who I am and who I  have become.

So, if I may give some advice to all my human readers this cold January evening, let it be that you all take time from your routines.  For me, yup, it has been my simple escapes to the closed space of the kennel.  There, my owners know I need my time alone and they honor that space.    Let your loved ones, whether  pets or humans,  know it is OK for them to have their space.   Now, this Lighthearted Louie is going to go back into my kennel.

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