Post Surgery: December 5, 2018

Post Surgery: December 5, 2018

I sure did not mind all the attention I got at Westonka Animal Hospital when I was there almost eleven hours this past week.   If I may reiterate,  I am extremely pampered at my own home, so attention is not what I lack!  No, I had my teeth cleaned and laser magic to remove a  few growths.  I met and watched so many interesting dogs and people come and go all day long even if I was a bit dazed from the anesthesia.

My ride home from the Vet was quite an adventure!  Even though the car moved slowly home, I still felt my head spinning and kept seeing all these beautiful Christmas lights fade in and out of focus.    First, I thought I was hallucinating until Nancy assured me that they too were enjoying all the lovely Christmas lights.   I must have been falling in and out of sleep, because I kept hearing gorgeous Christmas music to accompany the light display when I know the radio was turned off.  But, when I mentioned to Nancy about the music I was hearing,  rather than her tell me the radio was off,  her reply was, “we all hear the music in our head that we allow in and want to hear”  so I went back to listening!

Today, when I just could not do much, I searched the iTunes library  to soothe me to sleep and here is what I chose to share with my readers.   It is Steven Isserlis, the great cellist playing  the Schumann “Intermezzo” from the Violin Sonata #3.

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  1. Wow, Louie, it was very interesting to hear of your post-anesthesia experience – what an adventure! Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful and peaceful “Intermezzo” – it was just what I needed to hear this morning in this frantic season of preparing for Christmas. Hope you “hear” much more gorgeous music in the weeks ahead!

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