Happy Belated Birthday to Me! November 30, 2018

Happy Belated Birthday to Me! November 30, 2018

Yes, you read that right, it WAS my birthday yesterday!   Like every year, it was just another day at my human house with no hoop-a-la because that is the way I like it.   If you have not figured it out from reading my blogs, I may have to tell you AGAIN that us dogs live each day the same, everyday.  In other words, every day can be like our birthday, making it the very best day we ever had!  Try it sometime, wish yourself a Happy Day (Birthday) each morning and expect great things.

This year, I must admit when I saw the Nothing Bundt Cake (Minnetonka) van in our driveway at the end of our walk, I did give it some thought to whether this birthday was going to be different?  What, the kind gentleman driver  was not looking for me, but Nancy😱   He thought she won the mini-bundt cakes he was delivering and I am sure he did not notice my disappointed expression as he handed her the box.   I kept my head up and even wagged my tail as we walked inside the house, not because of the delivery, but because, I have chosen to make each day in my life like a birthday.  Besides, if I even showed one ounce of interest in celebrating my birthday, can you imagine the commotion that would cause at our household? No way, I am not going there because I love my peaceful life, just the way it is!

Oh dear, now I may have offended some of you that like celebrating birthdays?  Unlike my owner, I don’t overthink anything, so I will simply close my blog by making a blanket statement of Happy Birthday to you every day!  P.S.  Here is a photo of the mini-bundt cakes that Nancy received on Wednesday.

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  1. Happy birthday Louie! Those cakes look so yummy. Hope your day was wonderful and wishing you an adventurous year ahead!

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