Almost Thanksgiving, 2018

Almost Thanksgiving, 2018

Since I said I was going to write a Thanksgiving blog, I decided to write it now, the weekend before Thanksgiving.   Of course, I am sure that all of you are anxious to learn what a dog like me is thankful for, especially since it is a human holiday and not  a “dog days” type of celebration.   Well, for starters, let me just say that it goes without saying that I am most  thankful for my owners.   If only I could get them to give me some of the leftovers from the big meal?   Couldn’t they at least give me the turkey leg bone?    Seriously, that is not so much to ask for, but think about it, us dogs just view every day the same!

While we are very thankful for you humans, we don’t rely on you to remind us to be thankful every single day.  You humans would benefit too if you practiced gratitude all year!   When I wake up, I don’t think, oh no, it is Monday or Saturday because it really does not matter to me.   I choose each day to make it a better day for my owners and for my canine companions. I have witnessed that all it takes is batting my gorgeous brown eyes (I know, I am comfortable with my looks)  at anyone and they almost always smile, unless they are heartless or way sad.  But, it is not just me, eyes say so much for so many – so, let your eyes shine this Thanksgiving with kindness, peace and love!

There it is, WE  humans and canine in my house are   most thankful for FAMILY and FRIENDS!  I do wish I could attend the  Thanksgiving gathering to do some eavesdropping  on  everyone’s  thankfulness.  Feel free to comment below on what you are most thankful for this year.  Happy Thanksgiving in case I don’t blog before the actual Thanksgiving.

2 thoughts on “Almost Thanksgiving, 2018

  1. MOST thankful for? That’s a tough one Louie – there are SO many things to be grateful for, but I suppose I’m most grateful for my health, because if I didn’t have that, I couldn’t truly enjoy any of the other things. From a dog’s perspective, while walking Ike today (something I’m sure he’s grateful for), we saw wild turkeys – just in time for Thanksgiving! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving Louie with many, many things to be thankful for!

  2. I am thankful for most of the things everyone else says they are thankful for: family, our animal companions, friends, a warm house, food – you know – all that stuff. Just because everyone says it does not diminish its importance one iota (what IS an “iota” actually?). I am also thankful for getting up on the right side of the dirt each day (so far) and for being able to still do a lot of things I love doing. I am trying to NOT be negative about the stuff that I can no longer do. When you are older than rope things change, but I am thankful that so far I have managed to adjust. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO LOUIE AND HIS WONDERFUL HOUSEHOLD AND TO ALL WHO MIGHT READ THIS! It’s all good!

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