November 11, 2018: Sick Days

November 11, 2018: Sick Days

It was supposed to be the weekend of our grooming, again!  But, instead my owners are both pretty sick with a cold virus.   But no, Nancy still could not resist working on my face and ears.   I mean, which of you humans likes to be seen in public with just part of you groomed?   I finally jumped up and said, enough is enough when it was taking forever and I could see we were not going to get my coat trimmed too.  Seriously, what do most people do on their sick days at home I pondered!? I doubt many of you pull out your dog grooming equipment, except perhaps my dog show friends?   I would think when you are sick, you should not do anything, “Rien, Nada” do you get it?   Well, my owner doesn’t!

She seems to think when she is home “sick” that means catch up all the house and dog work.  Even after Harmony’s breeder Jill L. groomed Harmony last week (she looks so pretty) and once again, surprised Nancy, she still can’t seem to learn to enjoy some relaxation time.  Long story short, I have a feeling once she is 100%, we will be groomed, bathed and all of that.  Doesn’t she remember my blog a few weeks ago about the wisdom from Winnie the Pooh?  Winnie actually says “Doing nothing often leads to the very best kind of something!”

Next week is Thanksgiving week here in America.   So, please check back because I very grateful for so  much.   Mostly, that I am an indoor dog here in Minnesota and it is COLD outside now in November. Until then, relax and stay healthy, OK!  P.S.   That is Harmony to the right, just groomed by the breeder, Jill L.   Below, is me with only my face shaved so far – take notice how long my ears are – yikes!

3 thoughts on “November 11, 2018: Sick Days

  1. I forgot when I last commented – today November 11, 2002 was the birthdate of my wonderful blue boy, Ben (Refinne Joie de Vivre -). He was a beautiful standard who was a totally reliable therapy dog for many years. He got his CD, his rally excellent title and his therapy dog title which he excelled at. He was a sweet wonderful dog who I totally trusted with kids, old folks, sick people and those in the cancer ward. He was a great dog for the “read to the dog” program and kids loved him. People came up to me in all kinds of places and asked, “is this Ben?” and of course had no idea who I was. They just remembered him when he visited them in the hospital or at a school. I miss him every day since I lost him in 2015 and when I see Louie I think of him – with the long beautiful fluffy ears, the soft eyes and the beautiful Lemerle face. His mom was a Lemerle dog (Indy) and had that same wonderful face. We totally love all our dogs but some are more in our hearts forever than others. Ben will always have a special place and will never be forgotten, Like you, Louie – a special wonderful dog!

    1. Dear Mary, Thank you for sharing your fond and great memories of your blue boy, Ben! My owner told me to tell you that she remembers Ben’s Mom Indy and told me that perhaps I am distantly related to Ben since I too am a Lemerle dog. Golly gee, yes, I have people always gush over my face, especially my eyes which the credit all goes to the Lemerle standard poodle blood line. Mostly, I think Ben was so wonderful because of YOU Mary! Those of us that become known to others give a lot of credit to our owners too. We know that we are so loved! Thank you so much for reading my blog!

  2. Well I think you both look absolutely gorgeous! I love the neat trim look and I also just love the long, fluffy ears! So there. Happy Thanksgiving to all. The dogs who live at my house are also thankful they live inside, although the rough-tough Golden does not seem to mind the cold/rain/wind at all. I guess when you are bred to be a hunter you are used to adversity. He does not, however, have such long, beautiful fluffy ears!

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