“It’s The Great Pumpkin” time!, October 29, 2018

“It’s The Great Pumpkin” time!, October 29, 2018

I think I may be starting a trend here with some of the human classics.   This past week, I caught a glimpse of  “It’s The Great Pumpkin” by  Charles M. Schulz.   You all know the story of Linus waiting in the pumpkin patch for the “Great Pumpkin” right?   Well, just like so many in this world today, he becomes the laughing stock  of his so-called friends.   Ultimately, he did not really care what they all thought because in his own head, the “Great Pumpkin” was going to show up this year?!      I could not help compare it all to how so many of you question me, yup, a dog writing a blog  and all.

Perhaps since it is Halloween week, I should simply not “trick” you into reading any further?  Wait, isn’t it a “treat” to read my blogs?!    I just don’t understand Halloween because I get treats every day and I certainly do not do any tricks to earn such treats?     I wonder if  my owner took me out “trick or treating” if I would get some interesting treats? Hmmmmm…..nah, I don’t want to have to think of a costume and if I go as myself, they will think I am suppose to be a sheep or something – to much explaining.

So, Happy Halloween and may you too enjoy the Charlie Brown Classics this Fall season.  I think I will watch more of those Charlie Brown shows this winter so I can learn more about that cool dog, Snoopy.  Oh, maybe I could try  to be “Snoopy” on Halloween and dress as the Red Baron!?  Now, I may just have to go and convince  my owner to take me “trick or treating”, don’t you think?!

3 thoughts on ““It’s The Great Pumpkin” time!, October 29, 2018

  1. Yes! That would be great, Louie. You should go trick-or-treating. I hope you get some great treats! I know you’ll look dashing! Happy Halloween!

    1. Hello Lori and Dana, Actually, I was unable to go out trick or treating because I am not feeling so well today. I was really excited about going out for treats – maybe I got sick from all the excitement? Hope you enjoyed the beautiful Minnesota fall day?!

  2. Happy Halloween Louie! Oh yes, I think you should dress up and go trick-or-treating for halloween. Ike always went with our kids and there were houses where he got some wonderful dog treats! Although he does not like the dressing up part (he seems to think it changes his terrier identity), he’s all in for the treats. Enjoy the rest of the Charlie Brown shows – they are wonderful 🙂

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