A Pooh Adventure: October 20, 2018

A Pooh Adventure: October 20, 2018

Today, I nudged my owners to get out of the house together for a little “Pooh” adventure.  Yup,   in the animal world, we all know that the new movie “Goodbye Christopher Robin” has all kinds of wisdom from the wonderful Pooh himself.   Of course, if you know Pooh at all, you know he would say “But I am a bear of little little brain!”    So, it brings me to the point that some of you may think that us dogs too have little brains, but as Christopher Robin replies to Pooh, “No Pooh, I think you’re a bear of a very big heart!” and so there it is!   We (yes, that would be us dogs and other animals) simply try each and every day to make it our best day.    But instead, you humans get all philosophical and think you are so intelligent that you forget the obvious.

One of  Winnie the Pooh’s famous  quotes is  “Doing nothing often leads to the very best kind of something.”   Gee, when Nancy shared that one with me, I thought, oh really, I  have been trying to teach you that one for years and now, you finally are listening to Pooh instead of me?   But, it does not really matter because I was planting the seed all of these years.    For this reason, I  had pushed them to go see the movie yesterday.   Take for instance Christopher Robin’s life, he took years to come back to the simple joys of life that we had discussed when he was just a little boy.

OK, I am going to go back to doing “nothing” for now and you know where that will lead me, right?!

3 thoughts on “A Pooh Adventure: October 20, 2018

  1. What a great message to hear during a time when it feels like all I’m seeing is negative political ads. I definitely want to add the Pooh movie to my list! Hoping you are enjoying the leaves Louie – chasing leaves one of Ike’s favorite fall activities!

  2. Don’t know about the Pooh movie but it sounds like something we should ALL see and hear! Doing nothing sounds good but does not work for the dogs at this house. Yesterday there was company for dinner and Dylan, our “little” poodle (he’s a mini but is 3 years old already so not a baby anymore) decided that the big Boston Cream pie left on the dining room table should be pulled down or at least sampled. The sampling worked out for him although not a huge portion. Be careful of a “doing nothing” or worse – a “quiet” dog alone in another room. You just never know . . .
    Happy autumn to all! It’s a beautiful season but is short lived and trying to fill us up with joy to withstand the long winter ahead. Bring it on!!!! The dogs don’t care about the snow and cold and we shouldn’t either.

  3. Louie, I’ve been wanting to see that movie! Maybe today (thanks for the thought)! I adore Pooh! Love and hugs from Ohio!- Lori

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