August 25, 2018

August 25, 2018

I am certainly not motivated by guilt, nor do I write because I think you are sitting on the edge of your seats, waiting for my blog posts.  That said, I only write my blogs when I need to sort out my own dog feelings around here because at times, I am not sure if I am influenced by my own inner thoughts or Nancy thinking out loud.    Today, while on a leisurely walk however, it came to my attention that there is just nothing like “living in the moment”.   Yes, even though the walk may seem mundane to others,  it is a new smorgasbord of smells, sounds and sights every time!    There is never the same  composition  of nature symphony created by the orchestra of birds and other animals.  Sometimes, we even hear  the patter of rain trying to keep beat with the  spontaneous music.

So, did you hear that my new sister, Harmony is now going to Dog Obedience classes just like I once did?!   Actually, I would like to see her take over my blog soon, but like me, she is not really a writer.  If she did take over the blog, I think it would have to be called High-Spirited Humorous Harmony’s Happenings or something like that.    Whenever I mention it to her however, she just does her cute little turn in circles dance and simply ignores me.   Not sure what I will do about it all since I am having some trouble lately and just don’t care to bore you with my personal dog life.   I have really been enjoying this dog life lately you see!   Yup, I lay around thinking or sleeping and then, maybe after my walk(s) repeat it all again.  Unlike so many humans, I don’t wait for anyone’s approval (though you know I have won my owners over from day one), but rather, I wait for my humans to learn the art of loving life one moment at a time like I really do, do!

Have a great week! Lighthearted Louie

2 thoughts on “August 25, 2018

  1. Thanks for the update Louie and happy last days of meteorological summer! Hope you are able to get out and enjoy these beautiful summer days before we move into the autumn sights and sounds!

  2. Thanks Louie! Great advice! … and I would love to hear from your sister Harmony when she decides to slow down and write a blog. Or she could write it real fast. Ha.
    Wish I could hug you.
    Hi Nancy!
    Love, Lori

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