July 28, 2018 Grooming times……

July 28, 2018 Grooming times……

I will take one on one time with my owner whenever I can get it!  Today, I was taken to the Vet clinic to be bathed at their grooming facilities. It is pretty cool how they let their clients use the grooming tubs when their regular groomer is not using it.     Now, you may think this is a pathetic way to spend one to one time with my owner, but hey, I will take anytime alone with Nancy I can get.    As she shampooed me, she reassured me that I was as important as the other dogs at our house and reminded me NOT to analyze the lack of our quiet moments lately.    As she was cleaning my ears, I think she felt pretty bad that my ears were so dirty because sometimes, she just gets caught up with life and can’t clean my ears.    What is a dog suppose to do to remind their owners that we are here to help them keep life’s perspectives in line, to allow them to let go.

It was a very hard week for my owner and I knew that she was not just bathing me because I desperately needed it; but, she was literally cleansing herself of some circumstances that had left her frazzled. Fortunately, the therapeutic cleansing did wonders for both of us since she did the job without a ton of rambling words. Yup, she can actually be very quiet these days and has learned the art of listening to me more too.   My grooming is mostly finished after my coat was clipped and scissored and toenails ground. Well actually, all I say is “chill woman” and let it go!    Gee, just think of all the money I save my owners from the real life human therapists!?!

It is almost August.   Rumor has it that we are going to hear a lot of saxophone in the garage this month.   Some big projects that Nancy says are extremely important  to complete for her artistically.   What does that even mean I ask?   This is one of those that I can’t even explain – she says that “only a true artist would understand the need to be creative and expressive in one’s art” and so I will listen through the walls.    I remember those many mornings that she would take Serenade with her to practice at the neighbor’s soundproof workshop, leaving me with no choice but to stay home.  I will admit that Serenade is a far more in need of soothing music, so I should be relieved it gives me a few hours to not worry about her too.    Did I just say that I worry – oh no, not me……..that would be….no, I won’t even say it, especially if my owner reads my blogs?!   I am writing this outside again and will finish now by saying, have a great week and let me encourage you too, to be true to your artistic side this week.

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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your grooming Louie! I’m sure Ike would like it if I groomed him, but I’ll leave that to the professionals, and I think we’re both thankful for that! I do hope you hear lots of saxophone in August – honestly, we so enjoy hearing saxophone music in our house and will really miss it when Lucas leaves for college next year 🙁 Ike and I sure hope you are getting out and enjoying this beautiful weather before it gets hot and humid again – the cooler air sure has made Ike energetic! Happy end of July!

    1. Hello Dana and Ike! Well, please tell Ike that he is fortunate to have the pros grooming him and for that reason, he always looks amazing! Yes, we are enjoying these lovely summer days, having just completed our morning walk. Thanks for reading my blogs! Louie

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