July 14, 2018 Freedom From Fireworks on Bastille Day!

July 14, 2018 Freedom From Fireworks on Bastille Day!

I think my lethargic ways must come to an end now.   I could give you  many reasons why I have been so lazy; but,  like you humans say ALL the time, “why dwell on the past” and so I will simply say, FOCUS on progress!  Yup, progress is not to be taken lightly and I am  thankful that Nancy doesn’t give me a progress sheet like she gives her students!   Have you seen that list of like fifteen items – my, those poor students must feel overwhelmed at all those reminders of areas that they can progress.  I suppose my progress sheet would actually be my unprogress sheet in my old age.  Oh brother, now look what I have done, dwelling on how I have retreated from progress?   Just an hour ago, I was a lethargic standard poodle and now, I am a guilty lethargic poodle too – no way, I won’t accept such thoughts!   I am Lighthearted Louie and I am constantly progressing in my positive views of living in this human home I have been assigned to.

A lethargic attitude, I can change, right?!  Yup, I can get off this couch more often and nag my owners to go walking more OR, I can bring them a ball to hint to play fetch more often too.  Besides, it isn’t like I let my mind grow too weary or slow, you all know that I am always thinking!

I think you already know how I do not care for fireworks?!  I survived the American July 4th fireworks festivities. Today is   Bastille Day in France and I am glad that I don’t have to worry about their fireworks shaking my world here in Minnesota.   I wouldn’t mind prancing through the streets of Paris some day however!  For now, I will continue living vicariously through Nancy’s Paris memories.  Our freedom is not to be taken lightly and I am so pleased I am free to write this blog on this summer night, once again on my outside deck.



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