June 25, 2018

June 25, 2018

Let me try to describe to you where I have chosen to write my blog this lovely summer day?!    After playing fetch with Harmony outside, I decided to write my blog from the  outside deck.  I will have to write fast so the deer flies don’t discover me here.   As I sit here, I hear beautiful wind chimes, birds of all kinds visiting the bird feeders and of course, the accompaniment of the winds that seem to blend it all together in perfect harmony.    Surrounding me, are an assortment of geraniums, petunias and a few lavender patio trees.    If I were writing this in the early morning, I may see some deer prance by or even a fox.     I wonder how often you humans take the time to really listen to the natural sounds outside?    Does your schedule allow you time each day to simply breath in the simplicity that us dogs thrive on?    I sure hope so, for perhaps that is the very reason that I am writing from outside tonight…..to remind you, yes you, to go sit outside more often.

I think us dogs hear far more than you humans do. Or, is it that we just are better listeners?   I don’t think so; we are just made to hear further distances so we know when our owners are near.        I know that I also sense  a storm far sooner than you humans do.   For this reason, I have my owners watching the weather forecasts because they know that is my one idiosyncrasy.   They have been known to cancel their plans if bad weather is approaching just to help me cope with storms.    I really did not develop that phobia to manipulate them, contrary to what you may be thinking.   So, here it is, an overcast sky and storms in the forecast tomorrow.

Here it is, almost two weeks after I started this blog and I will send it tonight.   Not much to add except that our owner was not feeling so well for quite a few days, so we had her at home 24/7.    She rarely is sick; but, she  did make it clear that one maybe needs to be sick once every couple of years to really appreciate being healthy.  Brother, I hope her doctor told her to walk the dogs more often!!!    OK, I am going to send this blog now.   Hmmm….photos? Not sure until I send it I guess?!  OK, here is a deer that I saw one morning. They really have a beautiful prance too! (Too, meaning, almost as graceful as my own, thank you!)

2 thoughts on “June 25, 2018

  1. Louie – I hope your owner is feeling better now and is back to her old wonderful self! NOTHING prances as beautifully as a poodle – nothing! You poodles can leap and jump and you are all beautiful all the while – quite stunning creatures, actually. Louie, you be sure to help Nancy with everything so that she gets back to feeling fine very soon. The “little” poodle Dylan got his first green qualifying ribbon for the novice class a couple of weeks ago at the specialty. He was proud of himself and we were proud of him. Take care and stay well. The bouncing poodles and the not-so-bouncing but very important humans need to be healthy and wise (and wealthy too, we hope). Enjoy all the summer days.

    1. Hi Mary, Please give Dylan huge CONGRATULATIONS! I am certain that you all had a bouncing dance to celebrate his accomplishments. Enjoy this gorgeous summer weather and thanks for reading my blog. 🙂

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