Napping and Birthdays! June 16, 2018

Napping and Birthdays! June 16, 2018

Today, I was finally able to get Nancy to take quite a long nap with me.   Of course, I feel bad when she gets one of “those headaches” as she calls it, but, it does get her to slow down for at least a few hours.   No, contrary to what you may be thinking right now, we (meaning, us dogs) are not the reason for her headaches.   If anything, her headaches dissipate when we surround her with our presence!  You should try it sometime – not have a headache, but rather,  let us grace you with our presence.   Anyhow, we took a nap and made sure the rest of the day had  very little activity so as to not aggravate Nancy’s  headache.

Oh my….summer is here and already, we are talking about how we miss the cooler weather?!   Something must happen because we are just not getting in our long walks lately because of the heat or rain.    I am also wishing that Nancy would find a dog cart trailer to pull us behind her bike.   She would never make us “run” next to her when she is biking because I have heard her say how cruel that is for dogs, not to mention we would probably run faster than she can bike?! HA!

Now what should I write about?   Maybe I should just keep this short today?    Hey remember,  I am Lighthearted Louie after all!    Oh, I know – Nancy’s niece Alicia, has a birthday this week – Happy Birthday, Alicia!  I heard you got a motorcycle and wondered if I may be able to hitch a ride soon with you even if down the driveway?   I just want to experience everything in life like you are doing.

One thought on “Napping and Birthdays! June 16, 2018

  1. Louie-
    You’re so right – today is a PERFECT day for a nap! The dark, rainy days really force us to slow down (as do the hot ones). And I’m guessing another rainy day probably meant indoor activities for you. FYI, Ike & I walk even in the rain! He doesn’t enjoy it, but it sure does tire him out for the rest of the day 🙂 And I could definitely see you riding in the side car of a motorcycle…maybe even wearing goggles! Enjoy the week!

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