Honoring Humans and Service Dogs: May 28, 2018

Honoring Humans and Service Dogs: May 28, 2018

First of all, I hope everyone enjoyed the long Memorial Day Weekend!?   It sure has been hot in Minnesota with record break temperatures, hitting 100 degrees.

Thank You to all those men and women who have served in any capacity to keep our country safe.   Memorial Day Weekend  got me thinking about all the humans who  have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our country.  But then, Nancy was telling me that she is sure that there are many brave canines that have served protecting our country as well.  I know I could not do such an important job, because just the mere sound of a gun causes me to  shiver.   Anyhow, I know that us dogs have all kinds of purposes for you humans and I decided to share what I found on the internet about some dogs that were recently recognized for their heroic lives.  Here is an article about four dogs that have served to protect so many people:   Check it out: https://www.americanhumane.org/press-release/four-u-s-military-dogs-receive-nations-top-honors-for-valor-at-the-2018-american-humane-lois-pope-k-9-medal-of-courage-awards/   I really like Taker’s story, about how he continued working with his owner even after he served in Iraq and helped him with his Post-Traumatic Stress.     After reading about these heroic dogs, I will never complain about my job as Nancy’s therapy dog!

I had some dog therapy for myself last week when Nancy’s friend, Marlene and her beautiful dog, Jake  came over to visit.   Jake actually wore out Harmony to the point that she was more or less begging Nancy to let her go inside to rest!   Jake is such a polite and fun dog.  Like me however, he too is aging as we were not ripping around the backyard like we both once did.  Jake said “I was quite a clown like you Louie in my younger years, but now, we are just meant to keep our owners calm and at peace!”  Isn’t it so amazing how us dogs take a lifetime too to just “chill out” after we teach you humans how to “chill out” and just take one day at a time.

Thank you to all the humans and dogs that have served our country.   Oh, a special thank you to Andy E., a Veteran that actually hosts my website.

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  1. Hello! It’s very hot here, too! I love how you’ve honored our military, Louie. What you said about a lifetime to “chill out”, and then you teach humans …etc was insightful!! I never thought of it! It is supposed to get cooler here next week and I’m looking forward to it. Have a nice week. Keep writing! Love your light-hearted outlook! Tell Nancy hi! Hugs, Lori

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