May 23, 2018

May 23, 2018

Whoa, it has been awhile since I wrote my blog.  Did you miss me?   Remember, I don’t really obsess about those types of human emotions, but that does not mean that I don’t wonder from time to time what you humans think?  Take for instance, today when I was laying in Nancy’s lap having my face shaved (finally) and she was telling me what a great dog I am – well, I thought, you told me that once so I will always believe you that I am a great dog, done, end, fini!   It did cross my mind the question of why she was telling me what a great dog I am AGAIN?   Maybe, just to clarify for herself that I will always be there for her?    I am kind of like that you know, the dog that loves my human no matter what she does – shhhhh, don’t ask because I won’t tell!   Oh my……just think about this – you probably are reading my blog because you want me to blab about my owners?  HA! No can do,  and you would not get much “juicy” stuff from me because there is not much HA!   Wait, except how Nancy sings with her headset while she walks us – no, that is nothing, right?   Or, how about how she thinks I am the greatest dog, when I don’t really care, I just am a dog after all! Look what you humans have done, no comparison is rule #1, not to go there!

What else?  Well, even I am annoyed that Nancy’s  car air conditioning is not working.  She said, “well, it is just time to enjoy that sun roof on this car” but I say, time for a car  with air conditioning and  a better sound system girl!  I don’t like it because she doesn’t take us with her as often now because of no air conditioning.   Seriously, what dog lover leaves their dogs at home? So, someone please talk some sense into our dog owners about trying another place to fix the air conditioning or get a different car.  Thank you!

Yippee!  Summer and Nancy will be home more often!   I think that is  a good thing anyway!   More saxophone and bassoon (she hopes) and far more walking and maybe, some running.   Do you know in human years, we are about as old as our owners – but, we look better, that is for sure! Now, I am not an arrogant dog, I just say it like it is!   Nancy says, I will always be top dog! We (my dog friends) say, HUMOR her!  Gee, all this thinking is tiring me out – I need to go to bed now.  Sweet dreams of being in an air conditioned car.

This is also a first; I have no photo for this blog!


2 thoughts on “May 23, 2018

  1. Oh Louie, it’s always great to hear your musings! So sorry to hear about the lack of air conditioning in Nancy’s car – that must be pretty rough with the hot temps we’ve had the past couple of days, especially for a dog with a coat like yours! I know dogs aren’t supposed to hang their heads out the car window, but Ike sure does enjoy it as a way to stay cool on hot days when we’re on the side streets around our house. I’m so sad that there wasn’t a picture 🙁 I always look forward to your pictures since I believe a picture can convey a thousand words (sometimes more). Maybe for next week you’ll have some great summer pictures to share with us! Hope you can stay cool during the warm week ahead – Happy Memorial Day weekend!

    1. Hello Dana and Ike! Oh my…I can hardly wait to write my next blog, because I had these cool visitors on Thursday. Marlene P. and her beautiful dog, Jake came and played with us in the backyard for a long time. Jake even wore out Harmony and that says a lot right there how much fun we had. I will be sure to post of photo of Jake and Marlene in my next blog. I hope I meet you and Ike this summer because you sound so very awesome! Enjoy the weekend now! Louie

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