April 23, 2018: Serenade Writes

April 23, 2018: Serenade Writes

Hello!  Happy Monday to all of you on this bright sunny morning!   The sunshine reminds me that I should dwell on the sunny things in my life, instead of any gloom.  But, let’s face it, we are all getting older and there are just times that even this Lighthearted Louie does not feel like writing any blog.  So today, I have asked Serenade to write for me since she tends to be the serene dog/person around here.   Serenade has the perfect name, chosen by her previous owners Jill and Sally. She  just seems  to “serenade” us   as she  strolls through  our lives with her graceful and peaceful self, encouraging  us to relax and simply take one day at a time.   OK then, without further ado, here is Serenade taking over the blog for today.

Gee Louie, you know I don’t say much around here.   My favorite thing to do is to find one of  my owners and snuggle with them.   Just now, Louie took me out of a deep slumber next to Greg.  I suppose I better come up with some words of wisdom for Louie’s blog?   I do know that I am the one around here who can “wait” quite patiently and I often have to remind the others to simply “wait” and remind them all of the “hope” that is so real.  On those rare occasions when I walk alone with Nancy, she thanks me profusely for my patience with everyone in our home.  According to her, I have some sort of gift that I am able endure all the constant energetic activities here.    If you must know, I also find it extremely important not to analyze any of us, because it is what it is.  I may have some anxiety issues like chewing up things I should not when my owners are gone, but, contrary to what they may think, I don’t worry; I just like them home and it really is that simple…..stay home for me!

How about those of you reading this?  Are you ready for  a fantastic week?   I hope you are able to remain calm around your annoying co-workers or housemates like I attempt to do daily?!!!    Louie says he doesn’t think many people read his blog anyway, so why write?   I tell him, hey even if it makes one person smile or laugh, is that not the purpose of your Lighthearted Louie blog?  Besides, I don’t plan to write too often on Louie’s blog, so please let him know his blog is worthy to continue in this silly internet world?!   This is Serenade signing off  singing songs of silence and sighs from my heart.



One thought on “April 23, 2018: Serenade Writes

  1. Don’t worry Louie – we love your blog and your always good advice! Serenade gave some excellent advice this time about the patience part – always difficult and especially lately, but now that spring is showing up we are all rejuvenated again. Kirby (the “fluffy gold dog” (the not-poodle in our house) got to do training and lots of retrieves last week so things are looking up for him. The REAL poodle in the place (Dylan) went to school and out and about for more socializing and enjoyment of meeting new friends. He’ll be ready for therapy work any day now. He’s enthusiastic about it, but sometimes a little too much. Happy spring and listen to those birds! They really know how to carry a tune!

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