April 14, 2018 Yikes, snow again!

April 14, 2018 Yikes, snow again!

OK, I guess it takes some nasty weather for me to even think about writing another blog.   Yup, it has been a few weeks again since my last blog (oh, don’t even tell me that you had not noticed no blog since March 23, or I just may hand this over to some other poor canine in the house!). But,  I am sure that you  figured I was planning my spring lawn repair and helping my owner get motivated to sign up for 5K’s?   Nope, I just didn’t feel like writing and quite frankly there was not much new material to write about either.   Well, there was Nancy’s birthday that fell in there somewhere and perhaps, that week of nicer weather that was totally just a tease before this next storm, but otherwise, no, not much to report.   Nancy said her birthday week was just perfect this year – which basically means she got to spend more time with us and be at home more.      Get this, she attended her brother’s music concert and the whole school sang “Happy Birthday” to her – she thought that was pretty cool because the kids really sang their hearts out.   Once again, you guessed it, “no dogs allowed” at the concert, so we only heard about it later.

The Minnesota Twin’s baseball team is in full swing again and I think I have become a bigger fan than my owners now.    My short stint at playing ball was with Nancy’s great-niece years ago, but I still dream about it because it helped me understand the pro game.  I think I like baseball games on TV because  they are so “user friendly” and I don’t need my humans to explain anything to me or vice versa.  We just simply watch and enjoy each other’s company.

OK, just when I thought there was not anything to report, Nancy came home raving about the amazing St. Paul Chamber Orchestra concert last night.  Of course, dogs are not invited to such events, but we are promised to be able  listen to the concert later from their  SPCO library OR, may be able to   listen tonight with the live streaming feature.   First, she told us about Lynn Erickson’s  astounding trumpet performance of the Johann Wilhelm Hertel’s Concerto.   Then, there was a stunning performance by violin, Maureen Nelson on the Vaughan Williams:  The Lark Ascending, Romance for Violin and Orchestra – hearing sounds she said were  indescribable  gorgeous sounds.    Matt Wilson also played with his beautiful french horn sounds throughout the Charles-François  Gounod: Petite Symphonie for Wind Instruments.  Last, but not least was a principal clarinetist named Ben that had that pure  and focused clarinet tone that she  has been yearning for  in the SPCO.   Yes, I will for sure listen to the live-streaming concert tonight to hear those incredible sounds that Nancy was trying to describe to all of us.

3 thoughts on “April 14, 2018 Yikes, snow again!

  1. Hi Louie! Love hearing about the pretty snow in Minnesota, the orchestra details, and playing baseball with the darling little girl. We are getting rain here in Ohio. I’ve been watching baseball, soccer, and the NHL hockey playoffs (Go Jackets!)! Flowers in Springtime are also wonderful! Have a good day! Love, Your human friend – Lori

    1. Good Morning Lori! I hope you are enjoying your April showers?! If Serenade wrote a blog, I think she would call it…..SoftspokenSerenadeSentiments! Maybe she will write in place of Louie soon since Louie sometimes is now Lethargic Louie! much love and poodle hugs to you and your lovely grandkids, Nancy & Louie

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