“Pet of the Week” WOW! March 23, 2018

“Pet of the Week” WOW! March 23, 2018

To my complete surprise, it was brought to my attention that I was named “Pet of the Week” at Westonka Animal Hospital.   I have been trying to figure out why I would get such recognition because I have not done anything extraordinary (unless you consider a dog writing a blog unusual?) lately. Sure I traipse into Westonka Animal Hospital for this or that, but I really try to remain incognito, not wanting to draw attention to the dog that has a blog. After all, my blog is truly to keep you humans from stressing out about anything and keeping your perspectives in check.   So, I wonder why I was name “Pet of the Week” anyhow??   Oh, maybe they think I look like a teddy bear in my long winter coat (which is being trimmed off this weekend)…Maybe, I will do before and after photos?   

I asked Nancy about how she chooses “Students of the Week” hoping that would help me make sense of my latest award?  Her replies were rather evasive, like “well, sometimes it is because a student finally has a break through in their practice habits,  or,  because they simply practiced every single day to they learned how to articulate the correct way”   – whatever that means???   I mean I don’t practice my dog training much anymore, nor do I have much I have to perfect as far as being a good canine citizen, do I?   Oh, maybe I got the award because I tolerate my owners?  I really did just say that, didn’t I?

In the past, I did not feel a need to be recognized like you humans do, but now that I have been recognized, I admit that it is  uplifting.  Thanks Westonka Animal Hospital!

Here it is:

Westonka Animal Hospital post on Facebook today.

 Pet of the Week from Wednesday, March 21st – Wednesday, March 28th is “Louie” T!

Here is a note from Louie himself:
“Thank you Westonka Animal Hospital for nominating me as your “Pet of the Week” – I mean, I am actually speechless, which you know does not happen very often, since I have my own blog at www.lightheartedlouieblog.com I live in a home with 2 humans and 2 other dogs, so life is never very dull for me. I love going for walks/runs and playing fetch….oh, and of course, snuggling! I also love to go to Westonka Animal Hospital because Dr. Jackie and her staff are way cool humans!” – Louie

Thank you for sharing your pictures and your story, Louie!
Congratulations to you and your family!


2 thoughts on ““Pet of the Week” WOW! March 23, 2018

  1. Wow, what an honor Louie – you are extraordinary! Love the variety of pictures and you look so happy in all of them. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Dana and Ike! While I didn’t think I needed to be “Pet of the Week” to validate my worth, it did feel quite special to be recognized. I think often the best people and pets never get the awards that they deserve. I hear you are definitely an award winning pet too! Have a great week now!

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