St. Patrick’s Weekend, 2018

St. Patrick’s Weekend, 2018

Hello Everyone!   How are you?!  I must say, I am doing very well, even if I am not an Irish Setter dog today on this St. Patrick’s Day!  By the way, Happy St. Patrick’s Day and weekend!  It seems that you humans find all kinds of reasons to party and I am just fine with that too!   My whole life is about celebration after all!  The idea of a day set aside for just the Irish got me thinking about why there are not days in America to celebrate other nationalities?   You probably already know this, but the poodle  was “believed” to have originated in Germany, though the French made it popular, BUT, I am not that interested in my history (though I should be I suppose).    I just know that my owner likes french saxophone music and anything french, so she was destined to own “french” poodles.   So, whatever nationality or dog breed you are today, this weekend, get out there and have a jolly good time!

Look, I even found the closest green jacket to wear for my blog! 

I am going to see if any of you read my blog by asking you  to tell me in the “comments” what you are doing to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or just what you are doing this weekend?   I feel like I am literally sitting here watching our muddy backyard dry up so we can run around again.   I think the human saying is “it is as slow as molasses” – gee, can’t you come up with better sayings than that?   How about, it is as slow as waiting for my owner to arrive home after being gone 10 hours, or as slow as my owner brushing me out until I am not full of matts?  Until then, we have to trudge through the deep snow to get to the dry road near our house – all worth the effort, but a bit of a nuisance.   I am not a very patient dog when it comes to my fun and walk times with my owners.  Maybe, they will take me out to an Irish party?


9 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Weekend, 2018

  1. Wow, I know I should reply to each of you that responded to my St. Patrick’s Day blog, but for now, I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking time to read it and post a reply. You know that this just simply means that Nancy will make me continue my blog more often, Hmmmmm…..I hope it also means that I hear from all of you more often. HAPPY SPRING!!!!

  2. Hi! Dear Louie,
    I was attending a Bible Study Fellowship leader’s retreat in Cincinnati, Ohio over the weekend. I did put a little green ribbon on my name tag celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day. There were a lot of people wearing green and a few silly hat’s and necklaces with glitter!
    I hope everything is drying up and you’re able to get out and prance around. The sun is shining here in Ohio!
    You know what? It never fails when I read your blog I smile. Thank you for that, Louie! Take care and have a beautiful day.

    Ps: I know this is your blog, but please give Nancy & Serenade a shout out and huge hug from me…and one for you too, of course! Much Love, Lori

  3. Kelly and I spent the weekend away from home — the first night in a Treehouse in Wadena and the rest at a cabin on Upper Gull Lake near Nisswa, Minnesota. Hope you all had a lovely St. Pat’s Day!

  4. Some Irish friends of ours invited us over for Corned Beef, Cabbage & Irish drinks. Had a jolly good time! As for Ike, he had some greenies treats, a trip to the dog park, and enjoyed listening to some good saxophone music being practiced in the house (though it wasn’t Irish music). Love the coat Louie – Ike wouldn’t tolerate human clothes long enough for a picture, so bravo for being so lighthearted on St. Patrick’s Day!

  5. Dylan, the mini poodle who is NOT Irish, went to an obedience run thru today but spent most of his time learning to be quiet in his crate while other dogs went by. His “handler” (she only thinks that is true) was busy helping out in utility run thrus but did manage to do a novice run for Dylan. He didn’t do that great but after all – it’s easy to get distracted by other dogs; lights in the ceiling; noises and possible treats. Maybe he won’t ever make it beyond his Beginner Novice title but hey – we are all having fun doing it, so what’s the big deal anyway? We might get green treats tonight but we don’t care what color they are. Happy
    St. Pat’s Day! All of it is fun and play and celebration anyway, if you are a poodle. That’s what makes us all such neat guys to have around!

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