Muddy March 5, 2018

Muddy March 5, 2018

While us dogs don’t get annoyed  by much of anything because  we do live in the moment,  I have to admit, that even I was getting annoyed with our muddy backyard.   Of course, we try to avoid the mud, but it is almost impossible.   I think my owners should put in an artificial turf like our poodle friends have.  Wait, that would mean no more barking at the lawnmower in the summer, so maybe not?!  See what happens when I leave my mindfulness and venture over to the human mind of overthinking?!   Oh my……. Sometimes,  human’s  attitudes can wear off on us.   Just when I was irritated about the muddy backyard, I received the good news that my owner would be  home today because of the winter storm warning that forced her rental space closed today.   The good news is that the backyard is now heavy snow instead of muddy  trails.

If you have been reading my blogs,  you know that I try to savor living in the moment. You have to admit, you humans really don’t do that so well, do you?!   All you have to do is what us dogs do – we focus on the present moment to avoid overthinking.  For example, I just type out this blog and don’t overthink what I write.  If I did overthink it,   I would never get a blog posted.   I say it like it is.  Nancy thinks God created us so that we help you humans to relax far more and help ease your tendency to create anxiety in your lives.    It is so simple, breath in, breath out to stay calm and at peace especially with your pets.   You don’t see me stressing out about not getting my walk or run in, do you?  Nope, I really live in the moment, totally! OK, so I don’t like muddy trails, but hey, my owner cleans my paws and then, we PAUSE more!

So, here it is a day, with my owners home almost all day and life is good!  It was like a “free” day for them, but now, Nancy is bummed she did not practice her instruments and wonders where the time went?  I think it is too bad that we can’t take  better care of ourselves?   I better not think about all of this too much.  Instead,  I am going to go nudge her to get her bassoon or saxophone out to practice!  Seriously, I need to help her live in the moment  and let the rest go!  So do you, my readers, so quit judging us.  HA! HA!

One thought on “Muddy March 5, 2018

  1. Louie-
    I hope you are enjoying the bonus March snowfall (instead of mud, though that is probably coming!). You are right that living in the moment is good and dogs are so blessed to be able to do that. But sometimes its the things that make humans think ahead that can give us joy in life (looking forward to a long-anticipated concert!). So maybe humans should try to better balance the thinking ahead and living in the moment, which is always easier said than done! Looking forward to those beautiful summer days when life seems less hectic and humans are less bothered by the weather 🙂

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