February 24, 2018

February 24, 2018

You may not realize this, but, I actually like it when I am not the one capturing all the attention around here!   You know how there seems to be those humans or even pets that think that they should be the center of attention at every event? Well, that is not me!  In fact, I really like to observe,  especially now that I am growing older.   Just look at all the attention that Harmony is getting from Nancy in this photo.   It is not like she can escape from  Nancy even if she tried, right?!  Ah, you call that suffocating, don’t you?!   Do you think I am getting the hang of analyzing you humans now?   Wait, wasn’t it  me that once told you to not analyze each other so much or life itself?! Oh no…..I am just Lighthearted Louie, not Heavyhearted Louie!

While I type this blog, we are in the midst of a minor snowstorm.   I think I finally understand what you humans call “cabin fever” because I think that is my problem lately.   I find myself pacing for no reason , other than I have been experiencing yet another human emotion, boredom.  Yup, I just don’t get out enough during the winter.  There are no walks into town or long walks on the trail nearby.    Not to mention,  I even miss barking at the lawn mower and playing fetch (without all the snow distractions).  At least with the heavy snowfall, I maybe can bark at that snowblower machine?

OK, I think I am done now.   I think because I have been a bit bored lately is evident in my blog tonight. I won’t apologize because I am not sorry for who I am, nor is Nancy, or she would not let me write this blog on her computer.   Have a great weekend and week!  Lighthearted Louie

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