A Taxing Weekend! February 17, 2018

A Taxing Weekend! February 17, 2018

Now, this really is not fair!  Nancy has persuaded me to do a blog entry  just so she can procrastinate on her tax data work on our shared computer.   I thought that I was on a big winter break from my blog, but so much for my winter break, huh!   I also had to visit the Animal Hospital  three times this past week, so  I am already worn out from all the attention.  I won’t go into the details of my vet visits, except to inform you that I am totally fine, even after Nancy has been spending hours  cleaning both my teeth and ears.  Do you know that I actually heard her tell several people that it is therapeutic  for her to do my dental care?   Even I think that she needs to get out more, don’t you?!   (Wait, I better not complain because we do have a good thing going here!)   You should hear all the things she says to me to help me  remain calm while she takes off all that plaque on my teeth….you would think she is trying to be a dog psychologist or something?!  Well, it mostly works because I actually surrendered to her to clean some of my teeth.

You may have heard that my owner made “those” sugar cookies again for Valentine’s Day?!
Even though they are not cookies for us dogs, she did find some yummy dry liver treats from Trader Joe’s for us, so we are good! She better finish frosting those cookies and get rid of them because I want her to be in better shape to walk and run us once this ice is gone on our roads – she can’t afford to eat sugar cookies anymore!   I read one of her notes (hey, she left it wide open on the computer)  to someone about making another quadruple batch of sugar cookies for some more friends – YIKES! I think she keeps finding excuses to not work on her tax data, so I better make this blog short and FORCE her to use her computer again.

Olympics….oh my how I love watching the ice skating.    If we can wear muttluk boots, why can’t we try ice skates?   Gee, maybe I just came up with a clever idea for us dogs?  Now, I have yet another thing to dream about – inventing ice skates for dogs.  I can assure you that you humans would not even consider such an adventure for us, but I think I can convince Nancy to help me on this one!   Don’t even think about telling Nancy that she can not do something – and then, you wonder why I am such a wonder dog – my owner tends to think I can do anything as well?!   So there, end of my blog today.  I am going to go back and watch more of the Olympics because now, I am interested in the skiing and snowboarding!  Watch out on those slopes, you may see me joining you in future.

8 thoughts on “A Taxing Weekend! February 17, 2018

  1. Louie,
    Our family loves watching the Olympics too and you look oh-so-handsome in your winter gear! I think there should be dog olympics – now wouldn’t that be fun? The sugar cookies look like pieces of artwork and look like a perfect diversion from the less creative work of doing taxes. Because Ike isn’t as lucky as you to have his owner do his grooming, he just came back from his spring cleaning and looks completely transformed, much like a sheep in the spring that had just had it’s winter coat sheared. And speaking of the vet (so glad to hear you are fine!), Ike goes in for his senior wellness exam in about 25 minutes so we better run. We’ll be watching for you on the slopes!

    1. Dear Dana and Ike, I absolutely love your blog posts on my blog. Please let me know how Ike’s senior wellness exam went because I too am in those senior years too. I hope that Ike has a great Vet, just like I have?! OK, I suppose I will write another blog since I may be snowed in again this weekend! A bientot!

  2. Ahhh Louie looks like your winter is going well-I’m sure the Trader Joe treats were just as yummy as Nancy’s beautiful cookies!

    1. Hi Kate! Thanks for visiting my blog! The liver treats are almost gone already! Hope you are enjoying love month of February?! Louie

  3. Hi! I love your blog, Louie!
    Hmm, ice skates for dogs? I bet with a little practice you could be really good at that! You seem to do so well in your Muttluk boots!
    My mouth waters just looking at Nancy’s deliciously wonderful sugar cookies (can you reveal her secret to the glaze)?!! I won’t tell!
    Hugs to you both! Xo
    Happy belated Valentine’s Day wishes to you! 💕

    1. Hey Lori, Happy Belated Valentine’s Day to you too! Not only will Nancy reveal the secret for her sugar cookie glaze, I think she is planning to send you some cookies when she makes her next batch! (Whoa, you must be very special for her to pack them up to send to Ohio!) People don’t realize that you don’t get any of those sugar cookies, unless you kindly ask!? Hope to meet you sometime Lori; you sound like a cool Valentine!

  4. Cookies look awesome. I LOVE sugar cookies and the frosting on these is really gorgeous.. Wish I was there to eat some! Louie may have had to visit the vet, but my little Dylan had to go as well. Seems he is having a little “butt trouble” but now seems fine. He’s ready for spring – as is Kirby (the “fluffy” poodle – a golden actually). He wants to get back out in the field and get those birds – Dylan just wants to get outside longer and run more! So do I – except for the running part – I’ll leave that to the 4-leggers!

    1. Thank for a comment, Mary! I am glad to hear that Dylan and Kirby are doing fine! Don’t worry, we will all be able to enjoy the outdoors in more civilized weather soon! I hope to meet you and your kids soon!?

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