January 12, 2018

January 12, 2018

Sometimes I think you humans need a blizzard to allow  your world to pause.  You save those projects for a snow  or  rainy day, and when they do not happen, us pets have to figure out clever ways to orchestrate a standstill, a fermata of sorts in Nancy’s music world.   Like just this morning, I was being brushed out by Nancy and I knew I had to just bare with it so she would just chill for an hour.   You see, I tend to have this affect on her by simply looking deep into her eyes which is always followed by her melting into my spell.   Not to say that I am the master of manipulation, I just know what my owners need (often, they are totally clueless!).   There is a point however that I can tolerate Nancy’s grooming, especially when she thinks she can clean my teeth!  Today, she was convinced I need to go to the pros for my teeth – it is a good thing they put me to sleep for it, because I will need to dream about  getting back home ASAP.

If you are like me, you are probably not going to the big Super Bowl game approaching soon. If vendors for dog products would be smart however, they would sell advertisements during the Super Bowl game!    We could prance across the screen and leave such an everlasting impression far more than some silly cars or beverages, don’t you think?!   Next to adorable kids, we come in second for sure on memorable commercials.  But, no one asks me my opinion about anything anymore!  You know why?  Because,  unlike my owner, I keep my mouth shut about my opinions in order to keep everyone happy and keep those dog treats coming.

Gee, I had quite a bit more written and it was accidentally deleted????  I  think I just said something about how Nancy does much better with using music for her words and keeping her mouth shut.  Insert mouthpiece, not foot!   Sorry Nancy, I know you try so hard and I really try to coach you to be silent (dang, this is not working, is it?!) but please know, I get you and you get me and that is all that matters.

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