Brrrrrr…….December 30, 2017

Brrrrrr…….December 30, 2017

So, have you been waiting for a Christmas blog from me?  What, you say that you have not missed hearing from me?  Well, I have news for you, no one ever said you have to read my blogs!  HA!  But, if you are reading this it is probably because it is just too cold outside to do anything else except read or watch something.   Do you know that it is so cold outside that I don’t even want to drink any water or eat anything because I am avoiding the outdoors as much as anyone.   Obviously, I have not learned to use the human toilets, so my only choice is to go outside to relieve myself.    It reminds me of that silly game that I have seen humans play called “Statue” where a human twirls around and then, freezes until someone pushes a button to see what the “Statue” becomes.     When outside today, I did not have to be twirled  to become frozen.  In fact, I had to have Nancy warm my paws upon entering the house and she did not even get time to see what character I was once frozen.   By now, some of you are wondering what in the world this game called “Statue” is; but, no worries, I am just really babbling on, not knowing what else to talk about in my blog today.

Christmas – well, if you must know, Nancy says the birth of Jesus should be celebrated every day of the year, not just on Christmas.   I don’t want to make this a religious blog, so I will simply say that I was quite happy that all the decorations are put away for now and life can go back to “normal” if that is even a word around here?  One thing that is a sure thing at Christmas here is my owner spending hours baking her sugar cookies.   This season, three batches of quadrupling her  recipe. The  next sugar cookies will happen at Valentine’s Day week.     Here is a sample of her work.    I love the time that has  her home 24/7 for at least a week.

By the time I publish this blog, it will almost be 2018.    You already know that us dogs do not make New Year’s Resolutions as some of you humans do.   But that said, once again, I hear my owner talking about working to resist and replace worry with healthy choices.   Wasn’t it that cool Jamaican guy Bobby McFerrin that wrote that song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” way before I roamed this earth?   I think that guy must have had a dog that inspired that song, don’t you?   No worries though, I manage to get my owners to relax as shown here too.   Happy New Year!

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