Do Not Be Anxious! December 1, 2017

Do Not Be Anxious! December 1, 2017

It was my birthday yesterday; but, I am not telling you this to get attention. If you have been reading my blogs all these years, you know that I try not to make it all about me anyway!  To say that the day went about without any glitches would not be totally honest and in this case, my owner has forbidden me from sharing yesterday’s episode that required some patience on Nancy’s part. She was mortified by her choices of handling some dog training issues with one of my siblings. All I could do was remind her that it was not about me on my birthday.   I finally sent my owner away to get her hair trimmed because I knew how good she would feel after being “groomed” and I needed her to be gone for awhile.

I heard my owner listening to a great video earlier today about not being anxious about  anything…….”thoughts have consequences” and so there you go….us dogs, don’t think about much except good and happy things and you humans need to learn from us about that BIG TIME!  You may ask, so why were you listening to the video if you are not anxious Louie?    Simple, I have to at least know why you humans get so anxious and uptight, so I can  wag my tail more around to say, really, let it go and just play with me.   Let those worries go and go play with your dog or just go for a walk alone if you don’t have a dog. Think happy!

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