Thanksgiving, 2017

Thanksgiving, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers!  If you don’t read my blog often, don’t worry, you did not miss much except for my assistance to help you view your human life with a bit more lightheartedness!   You see, us dogs really are so thankful every day for our human companions, especially if they allow us to “just” be dogs.  My human owners, as you have become aware, seem to think we should try to write once in awhile too!   I was trying to write my blog once a week, but it has been so busy around here that I am fortunate if I have time for my naps most days – all time to dream up what I can include in my blogs?!

Since it is Thanksgiving week, I will dwell on what I am thankful for in my dog life.  Well, for starters, I am so thankful that I live indoors!  You may consider me a bit of a wimp because I prefer the indoors, but seriously, I am always up for any adventure, indoors or outdoors.   Hey, I am not the one complaining about the colder weather for our walks these days, but rather, that would be my  owners.  Second, I am so thankful for the humans that love us, allowing us to love them in our own way.   Don’t go saying how us dogs don’t have emotions, because clearly our owners would set you straight on that theory! Third, I love my siblings, Serenade and Harmony……they are a  lot more maintenance than I am which allows me my solitude around here.   Yup, often I can just go hide up on my owner’s bed and no one bothers me until I am good and ready to join them.   I appreciate that there are no guilt trips or even any questions – my owners love me unconditionally.

For Thanksgiving week (and all year actually),  I hope that  you are surrounded by friends and family that love you unconditionally too!   Recently, Nancy’s niece’s   family and her sister came over for a breakfast here and just look at how much my siblings love, loving you humans in the photo.   Once again, I managed to hide until they all left and then, came over to snuggle with Serenade.   Please don’t call me unsocial, I am just the  writer of these blogs and I was trying to get some inspiration from their gathering to write this – so there!  I sat back and observed a joyous morning with Nancy’s partial family.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving, 2017

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to all of your family as well! Nancy says to be sure she tells you how thankful she is to have such beautiful friends as you all. Hello to your daughters too, that are home from college. Have fun!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Louie! You provided such a wonderful meditation on thankfulness. May we all be blessed with animals like you that provide us with unconditional love and reminders to be thankful for the things we often take for granted. I am thankful for your blog posts, your wonderful sense of humor, and your amazing family. Based on your post, I’m guessing you have some low-key Black Friday plans like I do :-). Enjoy!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to Ike and his family too! Thanks for making such fabulous contributions to my blogs Dana! As for Black Friday, our owner did bring home a new planet dog toy used for playing fetch, so no complaining here that she went out to the dog store 😉 I hope to meet Ike in 2018! Sending hugs to all at your home.

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