October 31, 2017

October 31, 2017

So, here it goes, I will try to crank out one of my blogs before my owners pick me up later.   They dropped us off on October 18th, with the only instructions to behave, but have fun!   Like, what is that supposed to mean anyway? We are being dropped off at a Poodle Hotel.    It is not like we are going to run away or give the other poodles some funky haircuts for Halloween or something?!  I can be funny at times, but I am not mischievous whatsoever!    I am only distantly related to the other poodles here at this Poodle Hotel, but I was pleasantly surprised by their total acceptance of me.  I am certain that it has helped  that Harmony and Serenade live with us too, so they forwarned their old housemates that I was cool (so at least they told me such).   Harmony is Serenade’s  granddaughter as you may recall?!  It’s OK if you don’t remember that because most days, our owners can’t keep our heritage straight either.

 What a blast I have had at this Poodle Hotel.    The owner of this hotel is not only a brilliant Poodle Breeder and Vet, she also gives us far more freedom to come and go in and out of the house.    I did not feel too out of place with my shaggy hairstyle since not all of the poodles were in their show haircuts either. But, reality set in when Jill gave all of us proper haircuts.   I know that Nancy is going to be so excited to see us all groomed and ready for our return.  Jill grooms us so much faster and better than Nancy, but SHHHHHHH…..we don’t want our pampering to change whatsoever.
Thank you so much Jill!  Because of your great care and grooming, Nancy will have more time for our walks before the snow flies here.     The photos below show our recent haircuts and our arrival back to our home.    We are saved from wearing any strange costumes on Halloween (today) because we don’t get any trick or treaters here…..I guess that is a relief because we won’t be scared by any trick or treaters.

3 thoughts on “October 31, 2017

  1. Beautiful poodles! I’d like to go and stay at that “poodle hotel” myself, knowing the proprietor and all, and what a great job she does on grooming, showing and breeding of poodles!

    1. Well, golly gee, thanks for the kind words Mary! Yes, we had a great time at the poodle hotel. Not only is she a lovely lady, she grooms us 10X faster than Nancy…but, who is complaining? Not me, or this pampering may stop!

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