October 14, 2017: Grooming

October 14, 2017: Grooming

Perhaps you are thinking, didn’t Louie just write a blog and has he ever written twice in one week?!   Well, just remember that I went almost six weeks without writing, and I am quite grateful that no one nagged me then about my lack of writing.   Sometimes, us dogs can be rather unpredictable like you humans.   I watch these humans surrounding me and just when I think I understand them, they go off and do something totally off the charts of “their normal” and leave me questioning why I even try to understand them?!

Here is an example of such behavior.   Friday, it was an absolutely gorgeous day.  Rather than taking us all for long walks, Nancy decided it was long overdue to groom our guest, Harmony.   Yup, so she disappears for hours in the garage  to  clip Harmony’s  long beautiful coat.   I was silent as I figured that meant we would get a long Saturday walk??  But no, she left with Harmony to her vet clinic to use their grooming facility to bath Harmony.  Then, she came home and continued to brush Harmony.    Sure, Harmony smells really pretty and will eventually look amazing (not, that she did not look pretty before the clipping), but seriously, couldn’t she take me on a 3 miles walk first?  Just when I was feeling like I “get Nancy” she totally blew the predictability thing.

I overheard Greg calling a professional groomer the other day – oh no, that can not happen so my lips are sealed about this whole grooming episode.   Don’t get me wrong, professional groomers do a far better job at grooming than Nancy does, but it is just not the same.  They don’t love us like Nancy does, and they don’t consider if we are scared of those different machines – blow dryers, razor noise, not to mention, just standing still for hours on a table.    If Nancy grooms us, we get to listen to classical music or watch a movie. At those professional salons, there are no sounds  except the groomers talking about their stereotypes of those standard poodle owners.   No, you don’t want to hear what they say about the sometimes “high maintenance” owners.  So, I am not going to bring up anything to Nancy about Greg phoning a professional groomer because I know a good thing when I have it and her grooming is good enough for us right now.    Here is a photo of us chilling after Harmony is half done being groomed and I am in much need of some brushing out.   Yup, I kind of like my relaxed look here, hanging out with Harmony in her new claimed spot on the couch.


2 thoughts on “October 14, 2017: Grooming

    1. Gee Lori, you are so kind; but, have you seen me lately? Let me PAWS for a moment to tell you about her scattered grooming. No wait, let me just ask you to tell her to take us at least once in awhile to a proper groomer.

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