October 11, 2017

October 11, 2017

It has been one of those perfect weekends.  It all began when we went for an hour long walk during a leisurely misty morning.    Well, when it is with Harmony instead of Serenade, it ends up to be mostly fast walking or running more than anything but a leisurely walk, but it was all good.    The backyard is so wet yet that instead of playing fetch for awhile, we had to watch Nancy rake some leaves.   Why am I writing about those boring events because by now, you probably stopped reading my blog.  WAIT, don’t you agree that sometimes BORING can be the best of times?

So, there you go, I tend to agree with Nancy that boring is actually her content state.  She even tends to eat the same old foods all the time lately, from poached eggs, apples to greek yogurt.   Now, she is all excited about a new apple called, SweetTango.  When I ask her why she doesn’t change her main foods, her reply is always, “well, I don’t go changing your food either, and you don’t seem to complain about your food, now do you?” Gee, I wasn’t about to tell her that I wouldn’t mind some input on her food choices for me, because I know what is good for this dog!

The air is becoming rather chilly now, which simply means we won’t be able to have our  long weekly fetch game while the lawn is mowed.   I hope we get a ton of snow though because I still dream about those snow tunnel paths in the backyard that one winter.   Gee, that seems like years ago because in dog years, it was like 4o years ago…..let’s not go there right now, huh?!     So, hope you all are content with this lovely fall season.  I am going to go dream of our first snowfall now.

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  1. Louie-We enjoy fall at our house too! Raking leaves, while it sometimes feels like a never-ending chore, can be a great time to get out in nature, get some fresh air, and reflect on the beauty of each of our seasons. I also generally eat the same things for breakfast and lunch during the week – there’s a comfort of sorts in the ritual of eating the same foods. Now suppose Nancy made you try something you didn’t like (my mom made us eat liver, brussel sprouts, mutton and other undesirables when we were kids) then you might be very content with your regular food! As far as snow, I just hope our winter goes by quickly so we can get on to my favorite seasons of spring, summer and fall. But if we do have lots of snow, I’ll be sure to be out in it with Ike. Enjoy the gorgeous fall season!

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