Those Girls! September 26, 2017

Those Girls! September 26, 2017

It can’t be easy being a girl?!  I witnessed that this morning when my two female friends, Sera and Harmony had a little spat about territory!    I don’t recall that I have ever had a fight with any dog, though there have been dogs that tried to pick a fight with me.  After all, I can’t help it that I am so incredibly gorgeous, but I only contemplate  it when other dogs feel threatened by what none of us can change!    I have written about humility on my blog, and so here it goes again.  Why can’t you humans just accept your outside bodies, because what simply matters is the inside of those bodies anyhow?!   I probably don’t even think of myself that often because being a dog, I just simply prance around my backyard and house, just living in the moment.    Yup, if I started to dwell on my beauty, I would probably feel the pressure to nag Nancy to brush and groom me far more often, and I just know that would not happen with her crazy busy life these years.    OK, so I will admit, I really need a bath, but I am not about to complain because I only want Nancy to groom me.   (Come on, her grooming isn’t professional, but it is certainly low stress on me!)   Just look at me, I am still pretty cute with my ungroomed face/self, right?!  Oh my, now I sound like Nancy, trying to justify why I am not yet groomed?!

I know that you usually see me smiling, but, you try setting up a camera for a selfie and plopping into your chair with a smile or even a smirk, IF you are dog?!   Besides, this is only to satisfy my owner when she told me to take a photo for the blog. Jeepers, why doesn’t she try writing a blog (probably because it would be mostly about us anyway, and this way, you get the information straight from a dog instead of a human’s perspective!).

Anyhow, back to “those girls” in our house.  Most likely, I will have to sit both of them down today to talk some sense into their lives.   I thought I was doing a good job with Harmony, instructing her to let Sera at least feel like she is in control?  And Sera, I am quite certain  understood since Harmony is her granddaughter, she should teach her all of the ways of girls to protect themselves from the likes of me!  HA! HA!  P.S.  To follow, more about living with girls in future blogs.


3 thoughts on “Those Girls! September 26, 2017

  1. Well Louie – little Dylan (the blue mini poodle) and I are heading to the bathtub right now – we were on our way when we stopped to read your latest blog. Since we have only boy dogs here we don’t know anything about the girls and how much they might fight, but we’ve heard stories. Dylan is going for his first “official” therapy visit at the hospital on Thursday so he needs to be nice and spiffy clean. I am a terrible groomer so his feet don’t look as cute as when Tracie (our wonderful groomer) does them, but they will have to be good enough. You look great – you are right. Dylan will hopefully look better once we are done, but there are no guarantees – things COULD look worse. We sure hope not. Kirby, the big Golden Retriever, jumped into the tub just now but he will have to wait for another day and a braver person to get HIS bath!

    1. Hello Mary and Dylan, How did the therapy visit go at the hospital? I am sure that Dylan looked great after his grooming. Besides, remember, it is what is inside that counts and I am sure when his eyes sparkle at the patients, he will warm their hearts. Thanks for reading my blog. Enjoy the lovely change of seasons! Louie

      1. the therapy visit went as expected. He is NOT a golden retrieve (they love everyone right away) and he is NOT his former standard brother Ben (who had about 9 years of therapy visits and tons of experience). Ben reminded me of Louie. He was not silver but a very light blue – almost silver – and had that same loving, inquisitive look about him. Dylan is a tiny bit reserved when people first come at him, which most of them do. He does warm up eventually and all is OK and they all think he is very cute and all, but more experience is in order. We go for short periods of time so it is still fun for him. Also I really don’t want him to do his “other” trick while there. He knows two tricks – he knows how to roll over and how to sometimes poop inside (he gets kind of excited!). We did not do either trick on this visit, for which I was thankful.

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