September Already! (September 16, 2017)

September Already! (September 16, 2017)

The smell of the lovely rain  inspired me to write a blog. You wouldn’t expect me to write when the sun is shining when  I am outside as much as possible, would you?     I am a bit surprised that no one has nagged me about my lack of blogging this  summer?!  But then, I suppose if you read my blogs you already know that nagging will never get you anywhere with me! Like so many humans, us dogs do respond however to positive incentives.   Take for instance, if Nancy promises me a long walk after I let her brush me, I will definitely cooperate.

There I did it again; I started my blog and then, I let it sit almost another week.   This time however, I do have an excuse.  I became rather ill on Thursday and while I will spare you the details, let’s just say that I accidentally learned yet another strategy while ill this time.  I think you humans call it manipulation?   Nancy was so concerned about my sad demeanor that she insisted that I sleep on their bed.   It isn’t like I don’t get enough attention, but to sleep on the bed has always been little Princess Serenade’s place so I felt pretty honored.  Since then, guess who is on the bed more often now?

OK, I love being closer to our long-term house guest, Harmony too.  Sometime, she sleeps on the staircase near me.  I am training Harmony in the skills of being an at home therapy dog……ha, for Nancy.   Don’t worry if she knows though; she is not in denial anymore about us being her built in therapy dogs.   Hey, us dogs have to have a purpose too ya’ know!  But, unlike you humans, we don’t feel a need to talk a lot for therapy.  Nope, we simply are there for you, to get you out on those long walks and then, listen to you either pray, talk to yourself, and sometimes even whistle.   Sometimes, we even push you out of your own bed to tell you to listen to your favorite music.

There you are…..another random blog from me. Thanks for all the prayers and kind notes while I was sick.  I am back!

One thought on “September Already! (September 16, 2017)

  1. Welcome back Louie – so glad you are feeling better! Summer does seem to be a time for being outside, being on-the-go, and having the social calendar filled to the brim with fun events which may be why no one complained about your lack of blogging 🙂 We are just starting to see some seasonal changes in Ike’s behavior…going into the kennel for bed earlier at night (yes, he prefers to have his own space and sleep in a kennel!) and not being ready to wake up and come out quite as early in the morning which I think also echoes human behavior as we begin more of a “nesting” phase that matches with the seasons. Hope you had a great summer and so happy you are back to your usual reflective blogging self!

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