August 14, 2017 Thinking of Tyler O’Neill

August 14, 2017 Thinking of Tyler O’Neill

Like one of my human housemates, sometimes  I just can’t seem to get the motivation necessary to do certain tasks.   Yup, you guessed it, I just have not felt like writing a blog for over a month.  Today’s  blog is being written solely for my owner’s dear friend’s son, Tyler and his family. Tyler had a pool  accident that left him with a broken back and a spinal cord injury.

Given a purpose, and this ol’ dog does gets off my chair and embraces the mission.   Tyler loves dogs and while I have not yet met him, I recently read his tribute to  their family cat of twenty-six years and his brilliant writing caught my attention so much that I want to one day study writing with him.   Better yet, perhaps I could hire him to write my blog?!  There are some people that can write about dogs and have no clue, but I believe Tyler just really “gets” people and pets.

Now, I unfortunately do not yet know Tyler.   Someday, I hope that will change!  I have met his amazing Mom however, which makes me feel like I know him through her love for him.  I think Tyler has a compassion for us dogs because like him, we too often don’t say a whole lot, but when we do, only those who are listening, can possibly understand us.

One of my owners says that Tyler has a heart of gold.   Tyler’s Mom, Sue,  is a dear friend of Nancy.  Tyler, if you are reading this, you already know all of the humans in your world are thinking  and praying for you, so now, I want to let you know that all the canine are sending you tons of love and support.

Please go to and search “Help Tyler O’Neill Heal” to read about Tyler’s accident. If you are able, please donate what you can to help with the massive costs for his care.   Throughout this blog, I have included photos of Nancy’s friend Sue… is obvious she listens to us dogs and loves us too.

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