Lighthearted Louie’s One Year Anniversary

Lighthearted Louie’s One Year Anniversary

Sometimes, we don’t have to say much in order to say a lot.  My purpose in writing this blog is simply to bring some laughter into your daily human life.    For instance, if you think about it just for one second, what really makes you humans happy?   It is not money, fame or even your favorite blizzard from the Dairy Queen (no, Nancy has never allowed me to have such a treat).  Gosh, it isn’t even about  owning the best dog!    I have noticed that some humans are  always happy (or is that because I only see them when they are around ME?) and others, well, let’s just say that they are  almost never happy because they have not found happiness yet.  I started up this blog again a year ago to help all of you humans to be more lighthearted, or shall I say, to  nudge my friend, Nancy, to be far more lighthearted. If there is one thing I have noticed by the responses from this blog it is that it seems those that are reading my blog already seem quite happy.   If this is true, that is so cool!  But, if you are reading this blog, and thinking, why in the world would a standard poodle be writing a blog, well then, I just hope you too can find some simple things to bring you more joy in your life this coming year as Nancy has done.

As you already know from my last blog, we have Harmony, (another Musique Standard Poodle) staying with us for an undetermined amount of time.  She is one of those that constantly reminds me too, to be happy.    Instead of me rounding up everyone to get moving and go outside, it is now Harmony that motivates all of us.   I am so impressed that Harmony has allowed me to teach her a few things or two about playing fetch with the ball.   So, you get the point, we love her to pieces.   You can imagine why I have not had time to write these blogs for these past weeks because Harmony barely gives me breathing space to rest.   I am including photo of us out on our many walks together AND, a photo of Harmony groomed by Jill the other night.  I tried to get some more photos of Harmony after being groomed but, I could only get her to be still long enough for the solo photo I included….more to follow.   I better complete this blog before she drags me outside for more happy times!  BTW, I think Harmony’s  life theme is taken from  Bobby McFerrin’s  “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” song!

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  1. Happy Anniversary Louie! Thank you for sharing your light-hearted spirit for the past year. It’s always a good reminder, particularly when I feel least light-hearted. These are beautiful pictures of you and your canine housemates – looks like you’re enjoying summer!

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