May 24, 2017

May 24, 2017

Today, Nancy did as she often does, sat on the floor with me and brushed me.  But, more than the brushing, we talked and I searched her eyes.  We are a great team you know!   Some of you that are reading this will have no idea what I am about to tell you for it is a rather unusual bond that I have with my owner.     I looked deep into her eyes to get her attention, reminding  her to get her perspectives on life in order.    I love those moments with my owner – when she thanks me for such simplicity; ah yes, the art of living in each moment she would think to herself.   Then, she continues to brush me, no more talking for I have connected with our eyes. You see,  I know she wants to be practicing saxophone and bassoon so much more than she does, but she will this summer and quite honestly, I can not wait!   I may see her heart when I look deep into her eyes, but it does not compare to when I hear her sing through her music.

Gee, when was the last time that you really looked into someone’s eyes?  You humans just don’t do that very often anymore do you?   I did not mean to write such a pointed blog today, but really, why are you always looking at your cell phones and computers so much?!   Us dogs watch everything and everyone – I don’t mean to brag but I really do watch Nancy more than she realizes and then, when I finally get her to stop for even 5 minutes, I just wait.  I guess you could say that we are rather codependent.  I can’t really go on my walks without her and she needs me to remind her to relax each day. I look forward to her many hours of practice this summer so I can be relieved of my watchful duty over her when she is unable to put her thoughts into her music.   Then, when I listen to her practice, I hope she doesn’t ask me to translate her music to this blog – nope that is impossible.  I just listen AND  what is played in music between us, stays between us!

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