Short Blog on a Rainy May 21st Day

Short Blog on a Rainy May 21st Day

Wow, it is already Sunday!  Do you actually think us dogs care what day of the week it is?  Perhaps we do since we know the days our owners are mostly home… call them weekends and we call them “WE”ekends!   It means we get longer walks and just more time to figure out our human companions.  Which brings me to another point today; we don’t sit and dwell on analyzing our human owners; but rather, we simply enjoy them.  Why don’t you humans do that more often, just enjoy each other, instead of analyzing every move or thought? Nancy credits me for helping her learn how to relax far more as she has aged. I even notice that she tries to let her hair color be like mine at times (if you haven’t noticed, I am a silver standard poodle).  Let me just  say that you won’t find many dogs out there with their hair colored.   I guess I better keep my opinion to myself about those pink colored poodles I have seen on TV.

Finally, I think we can get in the backyard today to mow after days of n0n-stop rain.   It is rather silly that we have winter fleece coats for cold weather, but no rain coats??   Go figure, right?!   Anyhow, when Nancy mows, I continue to play fetch the ball for the duration of time it takes to mow that fenced in yard.         I  think today I will get a taste of what it feels like for the Minnesota Twin’s to run on those wet baseball fields.   Gee, we have muttluks for winter snow, now we need rain boots too?!   Now, I am starting to sound like a high maintenance poodle, rather than LightheartedLouie, so I better stop now. Let’s get out and play some fetch!    I think this is also a nap type of day, don’t you?!

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