May 10, 2017; Mother’s Day Approaching

May 10, 2017; Mother’s Day Approaching

I just love it when those human holidays approach because then, it gives me more material to work with for this blog.  As you know, it is Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, and while I obviously have never been a Mom, I am constantly reminded that my owner thinks that she is my Mom.   Occasionally, I hear her make some stupid remark about never “passing the Mom test” with dogs, so she wasn’t allowed to be a human Mom.   That is when I have to  nudge her to say “really, we were a test?” or simply tell her to admit the truth – that us dogs were always enough for her.   No, I am not trying to get out of doing something special for her on Mother’s Day; we are a gift to her every day!    Serenade witnessed Nancy telling her friend just yesterday that she does not think she would ever be without a dog, EVER!

If you are reading this and you are a Mom, I hope you have the best Mother’s Day ever.  For your Moms, let me suggest that you do  like we do on Mother’s Day and every day – LOVE them just as they are and oh, don’t forget those “puppy eyes”  to remind her to look deep into your beautiful eyes.   Moms see straight into our hearts you know.   Then,  wag yourself around to make her laugh and it will be a wonderful Mother’s Day!

This past Monday, Nancy came home with the beautiful flower arrangement shown here.    A student and her Mom brought it to her and the note read “Teachers are parents to all their students so I wish you a happy day…..” and then, other  “mushy” stuff  that Nancy said I can not share in this blog.
I was kind of bummed that I had not thought of sending some flowers that would read similar to the note…….except, thanks for being a good dog Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you fabulous Moms; and, a special Happy Mother’s Day to Nancy’s Mom – she says she is the best!



One thought on “May 10, 2017; Mother’s Day Approaching

  1. Louie-
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about mom’s with Mother’s day coming up this weekend. You always so eloquently capture how many of us feel. You have such a wonderful mom! Mother’s day is a good reminder to be thankful and for the blessings our mothers bring to our lives not just on Mother’s day, but throughout the year. The flowers are gorgeous and so well-deserved. Enjoy your Mother’s day celebrations!

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