April 29, 2017 Healing My Owner!

April 29, 2017 Healing My Owner!

It is not often that I think that Nancy is slacking off on her duties; but, I must say, that backyard lawn is  quite overgrown. It also is not often, if ever, that she is sick like she has been the past few days, so I will cut her some slack (as long as she at least takes us for a short walk).   Gee, when I want her attention, I may sneeze once and she immediately attends to my every care – so why, does she have to sneeze 2-6 times in a row for us to notice her??  Seriously, she takes pride in NOT being a drama queen, so I will be quiet now.   Actually, I guess Serenade and I need to step up to the plate and help her recover, because I hear her say often that she thinks having dogs helps her stay healthy!  Just think about it for a minute; we motivate people to get outside to enjoy the fresh air and of course, walk or run.  Then, one can not say enough how great it is to clear your mind for at least 30 minutes a day. Us dogs are perfect for that, remaining quiet and simply prancing along without the need to chat.   Take now for instance, I am writing this blog, long before Greg and Serenade are even up because yup, you guessed it, I cherish those silent moments too.

I have observed a few interesting things while Nancy has been delayed with mowing the lawn these past days (word is she is going to mow it today, because as she says “someone has to do it!”).   Why does it take her to be sick in order to finally read that stack of books piling up in her office?    Funny thing is that last night, while Greg was watching the news, she had her headphones on listening to her  library oneclickdigtial book instead of actually reading the book…yup, that lady is definitely an audio learner.    So, that means I will get to play fetch in the backyard with her today if she gets out there to mow?!     Of course, I am sad she isn’t feeling 100%, but I knew if I nudged her to mow the lawn anyway, it would help speed up her recovery because then, I will have the energy to spoil her when we are done.   By now, you must be thinking I am one self-centered dog, but I am just a confident dog, knowing my owner so well that I am going to help her get outside to mow and play with me.    Don’t you think most people that are confident and come off as self-centered are simply humans and dogs that know how to get things done?!  OK, let’s do this then!!!



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  1. Louie-Take good care of Nancy – we want her to feel better soon! Regarding work traits, in my line of work, we call them strengths, but understand that they have a “shadow” (or negative) side when not used productively. The strength for “self-centered” would be “focused” and yes, people with this trait are very good at knowing how to get things done! So think of yourself as “focused” Louie 🙂 Enjoy the week!

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