April Fool’s Weekend 2017

April Fool’s Weekend 2017

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you are well aware that I am not your average dog.   I have a blog after all; that alone should be enough  for you.   Not that I sit around wondering if I am “normal” but with it being April Fool’s weekend, I need to make sure that none of you think you can ever fool this dog.    My owners learned real fast not to try and pull anything over my eyes.  Yup, I even know how to spell now, and not just little words, like “walk” and “treat” to name only a few.

I wonder if anyone will try to pull any April Fool’s pranks around here?  I could try to run away and then, stay away for a bit, only to  prance back into the yard after they had given up hope of me coming back?  For sure, this would not be a very nice April Fool’s prank, but then, aren’t they suppose to be not so nice?!   Then, on the other hand, if I pulled off that prank, I would be put on an even shorter leash – hmmm…..maybe not! See, I am not your average dog, because I can’t think of any malicious tricks to play  on my owners?

Maybe some of my blog readers could share some of their favorite April Fool’s stories in my comment section?   Well, Happy April’s Fool’s Day weekend…..Nancy says she always fools at least one person on April 1st, so be aware!

This may be my last blog entry!

2 thoughts on “April Fool’s Weekend 2017

  1. We forgot all about April Fool’s Day this year too! Although Nathan did post a picture of a hospital bed on Instagram – tricking a bunch of his friends into thinking that he had broken a bone while snowboarding in Colorado! 😉

  2. Oh Louie, I’m glad you didn’t pull any pranks on your humans – they’re far too nice to prank. No April Fools tricks at Ike’s house this year – we were all outside enjoying the gorgeous day and basically forgot about April fool’s day 🙂 Happy April!

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