Bald Eagle Encounter: March 9, 2017

Bald Eagle Encounter: March 9, 2017

Just about the time that I  felt I did not have anything to write about for my blog post, we encountered a bald eagle before our very own eyes at the end of our walk on Monday.   Of course, I will include photos and a video (oops, too big for my blog).  It was breathtaking even for a dog!     There is something about this gorgeous bird looking over the vast land of open fields and trees that captivated my attention to the point that I too was in awe of such grand  beauty and poise.    Gee, I thought that I was rather graceful and poised when I prance around the neighborhood, but I can’t even compete against this bald eagle that we saw.   As we watched it fly away from the branch that it sat on forever, I was mesmerized by the grace of its glide through the air.   My train of thought watching the bald eagle fly away was interrupted when Nancy had to go thinking outloud about how the flight of the bald eagle compared to working on long tones for musicians …..seriously, can’t she just keep her thinking to herself on our walks?!   Anyhow, yes, the bald eagle flew off into the wilderness, leaving us all in some poetic state.   I think our walks will forever anticipate the next encounter with such a beautiful creation.

That was enough excitement for me for the week, thank you!   Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy this simple life at my house, but not much happens around here lately that I would care to write about or that you would care to read  about!  Unless of course, you want to hear all about us finally getting our toenails ground down?   I actually welcomed this partial pawdicure and I did not squirm on the grooming table once.   You don’t even want to get me started about  Nancy’s slow and laborious style when she grooms us!   We never look as good as our standard poodle relatives from extremely skilled groomers, but we do have fun with the whole process (as long as we don’t look at her scissoring too much).    Her birthday is approaching and all she wants for her birthday are some new grooming tools….really?!   I feel kind of honored by that request as  I know she has only talked about getting a few smaller clippers for months now.

Ok, we are going to look for another bald eagle on our walk this morning.   Keep your eyes open!!

One thought on “Bald Eagle Encounter: March 9, 2017

  1. Louie-
    It’s coincidental that you should write about your experience with a bald eagle as Ike & I just had a similar experience. Wednesday morning we were out a bit earlier than usual for our walk, and what should swoop over our heads about 10 feet above us? Yup, a bald eagle. We watched as it sailed off with the wind currents that carried it into Hyland Park. I wasn’t thinking of the musical analogies like Nancy was, which I’m sure is boring for dogs, but it is a another way to get young musicians to think about how to express their musical gifts. Wishing you a lovely weekend enjoying your new pawdicure!

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