Visiting Dr. Jackie, February 25, 2017

Visiting Dr. Jackie, February 25, 2017

Some people dread going to their yearly physical, but I actually look forward to seeing Dr. Jackie.Of course, not all humans have great doctors, nor do all dogs have great vets.  I am so fortunate that Nancy and Greg have made sure we go to the best possible vets.  Yes, I know this sounds like quite a boring blog, but if you are patient, this may get better.    It is not very often that I get this one to one time alone with Nancy, so I cherish these rides in the car with her.   She tells me stuff that no one else hears, not even Serenade.   Oh, don’t get me wrong, it is nothing real “juicy” as you humans would perhaps call it, it is simply our bonding time renewed.

Evidently, it is obvious that while all humans are “wired differently” so are us dogs!   Yup, there I said it.   While my precious sister Serenade is sweet and far more introspective, I am the outgoing one who seeks out adventure.  The big difference however between you humans and us dogs, is that we don’t waste our time analyzing our behaviors (even though, I just did compare us in the previous sentence….oh well!)   Us dogs, go about our days, using our creative minds to please you humans if you so choose to tap into our canine genius minds.     Yesterday, while Nancy TRIED to explain MY blog to the Vet technician, I could see she was thinking, “what kind of crazy person would ever allow their dog to write about life from a dog’s perspective?”   This is when I knew I would have to convince all of you today, that really Nancy is not as weird as you may be thinking when you read my blog.  Really, she is  just a human trying to get through life with a sense of humor.   For those of you that disagree with me on any of this, don’t worry, I don’t really care, because we have a good thing going at this house, period.

Dr. Jackie really understands her clients and their pets!  The other Vets at her clinic are great too.   By the way, she did not ask me to write this blog to endorse her clinic.  She does not need advertisements.   Just remember that, if someone advertises a lot, think about that – why would they advertise if they are amazing because they would get business by word of mouth.


2 thoughts on “Visiting Dr. Jackie, February 25, 2017

  1. Louie-
    Ike completely understands what it’s like to have a great vet, having experienced both extremes. We sure hope everyone is blessed with getting through life with a sense of humor, because it sure would be dull without it. Here’s to a week filled with laughs!

    Dana, Ike & Family

    1. Like Ike, Louie too had experienced a bad Vet in his younger years; but now, he is so glad to have Dr. Jackie and Dr. Craig. He also looks forward to meeting Ike for a long walk this spring/summer. Thank you Dana, Ike and Family…from Louie and Nancy

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