February 18, 2017

February 18, 2017

So, there we were just trying to deliver some sugar  Valentine cookies to friends responsible for my blog, when to my shock there were suddenly all kinds of lights flashing behind our car.   I was so shocked that I sat in the back seat and did not utter a bark, nor did I wag my tail out the window because quite frankly, my tail was well hidden between my legs by the time the police officer  approached the car.    Nancy simply said to the cop, “gee, what did I do….??” and then, the cop told her that she was “in the left turn lane but went straight instead” to which Nancy tried to explain how she was trying to meet her niece but they ended up at the wrong places, etc.   But, when she took that plate of sugar cookies and asked the cop if he wanted any, I was not too worried when I saw the cop laugh….seriously, he laughed at her and simply took her license and insurance card instead.  He was not gone long and when he returned at the same time that  Alicia drove up and confirmed that we were all just trying to connect to deliver the sugar cookies.   I think the  policeman decided to  give Nancy only  a warning when he saw me sitting politely in the back seat.  He then,  tried to recruit me to become a police dog  so I could  ride in his important car, but Nancy said, “no, he is already my police dog!”  What a night that was, but Alicia got her cookies and the nice police officer got his laugh for the night.

By now, you may be thinking, is this possible that I get to go everywhere with Nancy?  Hardly, because I just embellished that story a bit since I have heard about it more than I care to remember.   You see, I felt like I was in the back seat of the car by the time Nancy told that story so many times.     Maybe, instead of blogs, I will eventually have to write novels?

This next part of my blog is true however.    We really are back to training Nancy for more 5K’s again.   I wish she would get us some earbuds though because I would prefer to hear the music that she is singing to instead of just her singing while she runs.  I love the trail near our home, especially now that the ice is mostly melted (for this week anyway).  Finally, a shorter blog……

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  1. Lol – As I was reading the blog, I was thinking to myself “gosh, I didn’t even notice that Louie was on the back seat of Nancy’s car…and then I got to the end. 🙂 That sure was an adventure, though. Thanks again for getting those awesome cookies to me before we left for Mexico!

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